What’s In a Name: Reflections on Naming Baby

Last week, the Catholic Church celebrated the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus. It made me reflect further on our family's own two tests for baby names, and makes me ask - how does your family approach baby names?

Humble Pie in My Sunday Best

"And, I realized how grateful I was for this alternate view of a subset of parishioners in my life who have another side of the story to tell. I was grateful for another perspective - one which allowed me to have empathy for a group of people I admit were previously judged in my ignorance." My Sunday Best post discusses an epiphany I had today, on this Feast of Epiphany. And, serves as a gentle reminder to all of us with children.

Sending Off 2017 in My Sunday Best

"I thought the entire conversation was loud, and expected others around us to chuckle with me. Apparently, I was the only one who heard the exchange - so, other parents out there cringing at your kids' shenanigans, let me assure you - your child was not as loud/disruptive/kid-like as you think they were!" In the first My Sunday Best linkup since I started wearing maternity clothes, I share a cute Mass-moment with Lil' Miss, a little musings on what to wear to church, and links to the top 10 posts from 2017. How are you ringing in the New Year this evening?