The Power of Femininity

Am over at Everyday Ediths today, exploring the theme of femininity. What does “femininity” mean to you?

Everyday Ediths

Our society seems to have a contradictory obsession with women. Either it is lambasting women for not being pretty or feminine enough, or it is telling women to regain their sense of self-worth and esteem and do whatever they desire. On one hand, there is a push to empower women, and the next breath, there is a soft whisper that women need to “work harder.” It begins when women are young, and society wields the sword of power over contradictions throughout women’s lives.

As we kicked off the June theme of “femininity,” Caitlyn introduced our Everyday Ediths readers to the four components of the feminine genius. She argued her power suit does not fit the societal norms of femininity, and, I would agree with her – neither does mine.

Catholic saints, such as the patroness for this blog, have often advocated the concept of the different sexes (biologically speaking)…

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Little Boy Blue’s Birth

"Not every woman experiences happy birth stories. And, thankfully, my birth stories don’t have a tragic ending. However, if I were not on top of my knowledge and game regarding my own health history, I could have experienced a more harrowing labor, delivery, and postpartum scare." In today's piece, I share some of the birth story of our latest addition. And, I hope it enlightens others to the postpartum difficulties some women face - not related to depression or anxiety, but rather, another pregnancy-related physiological condition!

The Power of Formative Teachers

"When he saw me at the end of the first day of classes this year, he burst into tears and threw himself into my arms. I felt like the worst mother in the world, thrusting him into school too early… too soon." My son's rough first day of school segued into a year in review of such a positive experience for not just himself, but for his mama, too! Read further on the power of positive formative teachers...

Lesson Learned

"Yet, we aren't called to be perfect in our vocation. We are called to have dedication and perseverance in our vocation. We are called to recognize when we could do something better, and then put it into practice." It's "that time" in which I start to look forward to our next duty location, and how I can change things up. The last two weeks has crystalized an important lesson for me...

Questioning How Instead of Why

"As I slowly began to acknowledge His will be done, I also began realizing it is through His desires that He will help me. If I am willing to accept His will, and if I am willing to allow Him to equip me. If I am willing to be open to His guidance." We all struggle at times with a "why" when it comes to God's will. In today's piece, I encourage us all to reframe those moments, based on my current struggle, to seek a "how" to best live His will for our lives. How can we each allow Him to lead us Home?