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So, yesterday I wrote a little about the Month of Mary, and alluded to a second blog post detailing what I plan to do for this month.  The purpose of this May blog is to chronicle my experiences as I try out a new adventure I have never before undertaken – specifically focusing on Mary during the month of May.

Traditionally, I have a bad habit of biting off more than I can chew when it comes to doing something Church related.  For example, almost every Lent, I give something up entirely, and last about a day… or two.  Then, I revert back to whatever habit I was trying to break.  Perhaps the most successful Lenten “give-up” I had was when I gave up swearing.  I think the only reason I was slightly successful with that, though, was because I started charging myself every time I swore.  My Operation Rice Bowl collection was pretty hefty that year.  (For more on Operation Rice Bowl, you can Google that…)  As Soldier Boy has pointed out, it definitely lightened my wallet; however, I don’t feel it quite brought me closer to God.

This year, I have decided to take up wearing a dress or skirt daily for the month of May.  The only exceptions are exercising and sleeping.  I got the idea from a colleague, who had done it with several people in her Catholic women’s group in the past, and who had gotten some insight into the idea from the following blog:

I had already been trying to figure out what I wanted to do during Mary Month.  That sounded like a perfect plan, albeit full of a few challenges.  Challenges that include having movers pack up all our belongings to move to the other side of the country, and challenges that come with bending over and picking up and/or chasing a toddler.

So, I decided I will use the movers taking my clothing options away to my advantage – that will help me to stick with my resolution.  I have only set aside three pairs of pants for the next (up to) 2 months, since we will be in travel status come the first week of June!  And, as I ran around and picked up my toddler today, I definitely did think of Mary and how she had it so much more difficult because she was wearing much more than a skirt.

To be honest, it’s not just about wearing a skirt – it’s about living modestly.

The second thing I am going to attempt to do is to veil (or, cover my hair) during Eucharistic Adoration holy hour.  I will write more about Adoration in a future blog this month.  I don’t intend to veil/cover my hair during Mass, or regularly, but I feel like May 2014 is the time I try veiling on my own terms.  Again, it goes back to trying to live modestly, and when present with the Lord, being humble.  This evening I am having a hard time forming the reasoning behind my decision to try out wearing a veil.  Suffice it to say, I am feeling a calling to give it a go.

We shall see if, or how, these two things bring me closer to the Blessed Mother, which ultimately will bring me closer to Jesus.

I do know I spent more time in quiet reflection today at several times, and I could swear that I also had some unexpected tests thrown my way (regarding having a lack of patience and understanding) that made me wonder if I was purposefully being tested because of my very subtle efforts to draw closer in my relationship to the Lord’s Mother.

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