Introducing Joey

Joey is not a real child, nor is she a real animal.  Instead, she is a lovely little kangaroo that Soldier Boy brought back for Man Cub, after Soldier Boy’s trip down under.  Man Cub has fallen absolutely head over heels in love with Joey.

The morning Man Cub received Joey, I glanced in the back of the truck to watch Man Cub, who was babbling up a storm.  He was moving Joey around, kind of like he was introducing Joey to the land of sunshine and rainbows (although there were neither sunshine nor rainbows that particular morning).  After getting home, Man Cub walked down our street, continuing to babble to Joey about whatever only a 20 month old babbles about, but made me wonder if he was pointing out, “and this is our house, and this is Mr. XYZ’s big truck, and this is…”  I figured the novelty would wear off pretty soon, since new toys usually pass through his attachment to them within twenty-four hours.

Imagine my surprise when, Sunday morning, Man Cub located Joey, and insisted on taking Joey to church with us.  When I asked Man Cub if he wanted to “take Joey to church, and let her read her books, and listen to [insert the priest’s name],” I got a hearty head-nod as my answer.  So, Joey went to church.  And, Joey was very well-behaved!

So, I didn’t think of taking a picture of Joey in the chapel where she attended her first mass, but since they gave me a really cool picture, I figured this would suffice.  So, this is Joey at her first Catholic mass.  
We then headed out to our last typical Sunday brunch.  It was on the drive to brunch where I decided that, because I am usually a little reluctant to put up pictures on the blog that display Man Cub, Soldier Boy, and myself, I can use Joey to show everyone what we are doing.  Instead of a traveling gnome that appears in commercials, and that one of our friend’s has, we will use our traveling Joey!    
We usually eat at one touristy location in particular – a Mexican food joint called Cholo’s.  While it is not the best representation of Mexican food, it suffices for Soldier Boy’s Mexican food cravings while here on the island.  While there, Man Cub offered and “fed” Joey some chips – which was exceedingly kind of him, since Man Cub usually does not enjoy sharing his chips.  (And, as a side note for people visiting Oahu, or moving to Oahu, we also have really enjoyed Acapulco’s Mexican restaurant – pretty sure it is in Waialua).  Cholo’s is located in the popular North Shore town of Hale’iwa (Ha-lay-ee-va).   
Monday was Memorial Day, and we went out to brunch – again.  This time, we chose a spot over in Kailua (if you follow anything about President Obama’s vacations to Hawaii, that’s the town he visits).  It is a crepe place, and I have been trying to get Soldier Boy to try it with me for the past year that I’ve known about it.  Right up the road from the crepe place is the super touristy-popular Boots ‘n Kimo’s.  I have never eaten there – I prefer less crowds, and something a little more local and laid back.  I have heard that Aloha Crepes in Aiea is super popular, but my absolute favorite place is a place called Crepes No Ka Oi.  If you try Crepes No Ka Oi, just be prepared for a little bit of a wait – about 20-30 minutes.  Joey joined us on that trip as well:  
Then, we headed back through the Tetsuo Harano Tunnel, to go get Man Cub a final hair cut while here on the island.  
The day culminated with an hour and a half wait for Man Cub to get his hair cut.  Thankfully, he slept in the truck while we waited for our number to be called (don’t worry, AC was running, and Soldier Boy and I were with him).  But, Man Cub got his final hair cut, and Joey was on hand for her first-ever hair cut.  
Stay tuned for my next blog post, which will cover our “week of lasts” – everything we are doing in Hawaii the last full week we are here.  I’ve already covered a few of them in this post (Cholo’s, Crepes No Ka Oi, haircut), but we have many more things that we will be doing this final week!  
And, welcome to Joey!  

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