Mary Project Summary

We have now safely entered the month of June.  Within the first couple weeks of May, I started placing shorts under my skirts and dresses – so, I have a newfound appreciation for pantaloons, etc.

To say I grew closer to Mary during the month of May would be a lie.  I don’t think I increased any particular devotion to she, or her Son.  That said, I did spend significantly more time throughout the month pondering on her life, and “What would Mary Do”.  I guess, in a way, it reopened a childlike inquisitiveness into who she was, and how she would have felt as a mother.
I spent the month also trying out veiling in Adoration.  A friend of mine referenced at one point that the scarf I was using is a traditional head covering in Mexico, so apparently not using the small lace veiling is the normal head covering outside of American churches.  I am still self-conscious at veiling, but I noticed that veiling did help serve as “blinders” for me – it kept me focused during my time of prayerful Adoration.  And, I may go ahead and try to begin veiling during daily Mass at our new duty location – just try it out, and see if it helps me approach my spiritual life a little more reverently.
We are currently in rural Kansas, where the temperature today is reaching in the lower 60s.  Preparing for a family walk, I finally decided that I would put on my first pair of jeans in over a month.  So, I have re-entered the pants-wearing society.  That said, I have enjoyed wearing skirts, and it actually made me think a little more about my appearance.  I tried to maintain a more modest sense of dress, of which I think I was successful.
I used to have a devotion to praying the Rosary.  Perhaps I will make it a goal to do a daily recitation of the Rosary next month, and see if that helps.  But, for now, I will probably continue to prefer skirts/dresses over pants, just because I found them to be more comfortable, and a slight something that I could do as a token to the Blessed Virgin and her Son, Our Lord.

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