A "little" Lengthy Backstory

As I start to recharge my writing batteries, I realized that not everybody who is reading my blog was here at the blog’s inception.  Nor, do they understand the initial purpose of the blog.  The purpose, like most blogs I imagine, has changed over time, but I still would like to explain a few things about my blog.

The beginning of my blog was created because my family (Soldier, Man Cub, the dogs, and I) were heading to the absolutely beautiful island of O’ahu, Hawaii.  Soldier Boy was stationed there a couple years ago now, and since I knew we were leaving the Mainland USA, my blog was created to share some of our escapades with our family and friends who would be unable to visit us during our tenure in Hawaii.  What started out as grand plans and ideas for blogging quickly fizzled and burned, as we settled into our surroundings, experienced birth complications with our first child, and became completely enamored with the island’s pace of life, beauty, and simplicity.  A few years back, I had made a personal decision that, every time our family moves, I would “clean up” my social media profiles, to include my blog.  So, several of my earlier blogs (pre-September 2012) were erased during that move and transition.

However, there are still a couple blog entries that address Hawaii – specifically our final days on the island – one need only to scroll through the (brief) history.

When I discuss my family, I made a decision at its creation, to not refer to my child/ren or spouse by name.  I have nothing against others doing so, but I wanted a bit of anonymity for my family – also, a way to keep my “personal identifying information” (a.k.a. PII) off the internet.

Until just recently, I actually had not even allowed a picture of myself, or a biography – I figured, since my family knew who I was, then I wouldn’t need to have any of that fancy “stuff.”  Fast forward almost three years now, and I am a blog contributor to MCCWinternational.org, and have run an article with Catholic365.com.  I figure it’s time for me to “put myself out there,” and really begin to blog in a more serious manner.  Hence, for those who have followed me from the beginning – you may notice a new template for my blog, and a few added, new-fangled personalizations (i.e. my picture and my brief profile).

While I may be allowing a little more personalization with my blog, I am still maintaining a little bit of privacy for my husband and child/ren.  Therefore, my husband will still be referred to as “Soldier Boy,” in the sense of the meaning of the song performed by The Shirelles in 1962.  Apparently, there is a newer addition of a rap song, “Soulja Boy” – do not mistake the two!  I grew up an Army brat, humming and singing along with the “oldies song,” loved the song, and thought it fitting when I married my own “Soldier Boy.”

My child/ren didn’t ask or have any say in when their mother decided to start blogging, nor will they have any input on content for the posts.  While Soldier Boy is my chief editor, my child/ren have no say whatsoever in my blog.  Therefore, to save them multiple years of possible embarrassment, I will not put their names on my blog.  When the blog was created, it was “The Adventures of 2 Dogs and a Skeletor,” simply because the blog was created perhaps a week after our anatomy ultrasound of Man Cub, who looked, at that time, to me, the way I envisioned a “skeletor” looking.  Now that we are expecting our second, my clever idea was to edit the blog to “…A Couple Skeletors,” although we are still in what I affectionately term the “Gummi Bear” stage of this second pregnancy.

After my first “Skeletor” was born, he almost immediately changed from being known as Skeletor, to being known as Man Cub – in the Disney “Jungle Book” sense.  So, I made that change for him when the timing was appropriate.  I anticipate the same will be said for Baby2 at some point.

The dogs are never named by their actual names.  This is mainly because most of our close friends and family always get them confused anyway.  Personality wise, they are yin-and-yang.  They are kind of like Soldier Boy and myself.  Our Shepherd is highly intense (to put it mildly), and has a high drive, needs to protect, and wants everything in order; our Husky/Lab is more laid back, easy going, and dare I say – lazy? would rather lounge around than protect the family and house.  While vastly different in personality and approaches to life, so many people get them confused still, I usually just refer to them as Black Dog and White Dog, or Thing 1 and Thing 2, or any other fitting, emotionally-driven nickname I can muster at the time of the blog.

As I stated previously, I was going to blog mainly about our adventures in whichever state or country the Army sent us.  However, I noticed a shift in my blogs, as my interests evolved.

When I started blogging, I never dreamed I would touch topics such as religion – that was something I learned early on to keep to myself.  As I became more involved, as an adult, in my faith and Church, I noticed I wanted to blog and “evangelize” (teach about, and share, the Catholic faith) through my writing and blog.  So, some posts will be entirely religious.  I know I have a ton of friends who do not share my entire religious views, or may be on a different faith journey in their personal walk with the Catholic Church, and so I try to put out a mix of secular posts as well.

Some friends don’t have children, and don’t care to read about parenting – while I am, by far, not an expert on parenting, I do have loads of experience in the parenting field, and an education to back up that experience, so I don’t limit my views for my blog to just personal family updates and religion, and will sometimes discuss parenting challenges, benefits, etc.

Some friends and family I know aren’t big on reading.  So, I will try to add some blog posts with little writing, and more pictures.  Although I don’t include front pictures of my human family members, I have been known to include shots of my “human puppy” (a.k.a. Man Cub) from his backside.  I just post pictures that inspire me in some way – with a little explanation when I publish the picture.

Finally, the only topic I am still reticent to touch are political topics, although the case could be made that my Catholic posts could tread on political-topic turf.  That said, I know we are already beginning political campaign season, so I don’t want to say I won’t ever wade into those hot waters.

In summary, this is a little backstory to my blog, and an idea of where I want this blog to go in the future.  Once upon a time, I recall having put a disclaimer at the bottom of one of my first posts, letting my readers know – we will not agree on everything.  That is part of the beauty of this country.  I encourage, and enjoy, feedback from my readers.  However, since this is also a public blog, I do insist that comments are thoughtfully submitted, and worded politely.

We can agree to disagree on content, style, and thoughts, but please remain respectful when dissenting from my personal thoughts and opinions.  Because, quite frankly, that is what my blog is all about – my personal thoughts and opinions.  And, who knows?  Perhaps a politely worded dissent is all that is needed to make me rethink my position, and perhaps change my opinion!  It’s been known to happen…

So, happy reading, and thank you for beginning, or continuing on this writing journey with me!  

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