Bladders, "Pee Hats" and More!

Due to the “severe pre-eclampsia” I was diagnosed with following my first pregnancy, I was instructed at my last OB appointment (well, the only one thus far for this pregnancy) to submit a 24 hour urine collection sample “sometime before 20 weeks.”  That way, they could get a baseline protein-in-urine count, so they know what to compare it to later on – I suspect when they are concerned if they see my blood pressure rising again.

So, after that appointment, I was sent home with a huge “bladder” (a.k.a. collection container), and given a handout on how to fill out all pertinent information.  Since we had back-to-back weeks of guests, I finally decided to “get it out of the way” this past Tuesday to Wednesday, in the hopes that the results come back before my 16 week exam/check-up.

The bladder I was given in HI was a fabulous contraption – it reminded me of the bladders of coffee you can get from Starbucks, when you get a bladder of coffee.  It was short, flexible, and square.  In HI, they also gave me specimen cups to pee into, to then transfer into the bladder.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the bag of goodies they gave me here, and attempted to utilize this contraption.  Prior to its first use, I put it on my stove for a little size comparison:

The sample has to be stored in the fridge.  So, I got a better size comparison when it was finally put away from its first use.  Just a word of warning – always double-check containers in refrigerators before pouring from them…  At least I was gracious enough to let Soldier Boy know to pick a container from the fridge wisely.  Seriously, it was a gross 24 hours, because the contraption was so huge, it wouldn’t fit anywhere else in my fridge!

After attempting to use the bladder they gave me, I went in to the lab and asked them for specimen cups.  The lady looked at me strangely and said, “we don’t give those out, but I can give you a hat?”  I said, “sure – just something so I can pee, please!”  On the drive home, Man Cub wanted to know what we picked up.  I couldn’t describe fully, “the thing that collects the pee,” so I told him we got a “pee hat.”  He wanted to see it, so I handed it to him.  The “pee hat” was worn by Man Cub, prior to its first use, several times on the car ride home.  Here’s what a “pee hat” looks like (I’m only sad I didn’t get to take a picture of the “pee hat” on his head, but I erred on the side of caution instead of snapping pictures will driving).  That said, he continuously asked for the “pee hat” the rest of the afternoon.   

Finally, I have been working with a nutritionist to do all I can do to avoid developing pre-eclampsia again.  God’s will be done, and I will accept whatever His outcome is, but I am going to do everything in my power to avoid it – then, I will be able to say I did everything I could do, and it’s just His will.  So, given my starting weight for this pregnancy, I am tasked with only gaining 11-15 pounds this go-around.  When I had my second appointment with the nutritionist, she noticed I was down about 5 pounds from my first appointment (down between 9-11 pounds – depending on the day- from the beginning of the pregnancy).  She also found out I had a serious aversion to water, liquids, and pretty much all food.  While the nausea is abating slightly, I can say that, in the middle of my meal, I get to a point where I know nothing good will come from one more bite.  
So, my nutritionist recommended the following drink for me.  I haven’t checked it with the OB yet – rudimentary research online shows anything with whey protein powder is to be avoided by pregnant or nursing women.  That said, it’s already in a liquid, not powder form, and so while I may be splitting hairs, I am open to considering this as a protein source.  I will check with my OB at the next OB appointment in a couple weeks.  However, Man Cub has snubbed his nose at this flavor.  And, I agreed with Soldier Boy’s take on the taste – this stuff tastes like flavored chalk.  
That said, for those that work out and need to add extra protein to their day, this brand packs a 40 grams/bottle of protein punch!  And, 0 carbs.  So, if you are looking for another way to add some whey protein to your diet, check it out…  I found it at my local commissary, in the dietary supplement foods (i.e. Ensure, Boost, etc.) section.  They come in this green flavor, or blue raspberry, a grape, and then a red colored bottle.  

That’s a wrap on this pregnancy update!

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