Is Christ A Passion?

Yesterday, I wrote about thoughts inspired by the Army chaplain on Passion Saturday/Palm Sunday vigil Mass here.  What I didn’t thoroughly address was the chaplain’s overarching theme to his homily, and a question I have spent time asking myself since then – do I consider Christ my passion?

And, if I am called to, “die for our passions,” as the chaplain asserted, do I truly have any passions?

I would say I understand Christ’s love for the world, as it manifests in the love a parent has for their children.  I can also understand Christ’s love as it manifests in the love between husband and wife.  (For those of you wondering, yes, I have done a little study on Theology of the Body.)  I truly feel I can say I would die for my family.

I guess my country is also my passion, because I could see myself being willing to die for my country.  For a brief period in my life, until my body broke on me, I was training to serve in a capacity in which I could fully live that passion to my country.  Daily, I am surrounded with those able, and willing, to protect our great nation.  And, while I physically may not be able to keep up with them, I know my level of patriotism and love for this country matches theirs.

Using the litmus of death to mark something as being a passion leads me to ask:

What about Christ?  Is He my passion?

I would like to think I would be willing to die for Christ.  I would like to think that I would reciprocate His love for me, seeing as how he descended into Hell, then Rose on the third day, to ensure salvation for, not just everyone else’s souls, but also for my soul.

I certainly think of Christ being a passion.

But, all this leads to the questions I am pondering:

Am I living a life that shows others I would die for Him?

What have I done, and what do I do, to ensure my life is living proof to Christ being my passion?

Lastly, how can I better show myself, and those around me, that Christ is my passion?

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