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He is Risen!  Alleluia!

My first two posts on this blog asked a series of questions about how I am living my life, and how I might better show others that Christ is my passion.

Now that He is Risen, I feel it is time to turn the page and create an action plan.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not intending to be perfect, nor do I have any grand illusions of living the “ideal Christian lifestyle.”  Because, thinking about it – only two people on this earth lived without sin.  One Rose from the dead; the other bore Him into this world.

That’s it – only two people in all of humanity have not sinned.  Pretty intimidating and overwhelming facts, if I’m being honest.

Instead, I assert that living the “ideal Christian lifestyle,” isn’t how many times I “check the block and enter the church,” and it isn’t about how many prayers I say daily.  It isn’t how many people I try, and either succeed or fail, to convert to my expression of my faith.  It isn’t about whether or not my children grow up to be active in the Faith in which they have been baptized, or even if they choose to believe at all!

The “ideal Christian lifestyle,” isn’t about how much time I spend in church-related activities.  It isn’t even *gasp!* how often I spend dragging my husband and children to church-related activities.  It’s not about having the perfect amount of composure, calm presence and demeanor, and it isn’t about being, “good,” all the time.


The “ideal Christian lifestyle,” isn’t about perfection at all!

To me, living the “ideal Christian lifestyle,” is recognizing the sacrifice Jesus made, and the miracle in His Resurrection!

It is recognizing I am but a sinner.

The “ideal Christian lifestyle,” is about recognizing that, while I am not striving for perfection, I am instead sorry when I do something that displeases or saddens God the Father and the Resurrected Christ.  From that contrition, the “ideal Christian lifestyle,” challenges I strive to pick myself up, and with the aid of the Holy Spirit, live the lesson I am trying to teach my children when I encourage them, “to do better next time.”

“The ideal Christian lifestyle,” is about sharing the Good News of His sacrifice and His Resurrection with others.  In the event I am unable, or unwilling, it is also about praying for those who are willing, and able, to go out, sometimes in dangerous places, and share this news with those who do not know His redemptive love for the world.

It is about recognizing God’s presence in my life, in even the smallest situation, on a daily basis.

So, we should all celebrate the Resurrected Christ – today and every day!  He died for us, He rose for us.  In Him we will find our eternal salvation and reward.

And, with His grace, mercy, and assistance, there is nothing we cannot do according to His infinite wisdom and will.

Happy Easter!

3 thoughts on “Ideal Christian Lifestyle

  1. Nice, Anni. simple but elegant way to recognize our humanness and God’s acceptance that we are not perfect but trying our damnedest. It gives us encouragement to continue each and every day in the shadow of the two perfect humans who preceded us by many years. Even in their perfection, they recognize our mistakes, but still remain available and willing to help us. A resurrection of our souls and spirits and hope for a better outcome today than yesterday.

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