Mother Angelica, Pray for Us

As I was headed to bed last night, I saw news that Mother Angelica, the instrumental voice of wit, wisdom, and Catholic explanation had passed away yesterday morning.  The news was not completely a surprise, as various networks of Catholic news sources had recently been reporting about how ill she had been for the past decade or so.

It also did not escape my notice that she died on Easter Sunday – the same day the love of her life, Jesus Christ, rose from the dead.  I could not think of a more fitting date for her to join her love.  And, I am looking forward to seeing if the Catholic Church will begin its steps toward canonization for such an inspirational evangelist.  To be a saint simply requires one to join God in Heaven, and live with Him eternally.  Some saints are officially declared being in God’s presence – which is the official canonization process; however, as an RCIA teacher once told my husband, there are millions of saints in Heaven whose names we simply do not know.  It’s not that others don’t go to Heaven; it’s simply that they haven’t been officially recognized.

So, I am happy for Mother Angelica.  She had such spunk and joy, and was able to carry her defense of her faith against the harshest of critics.  She was, and will remain, a role model.

As I have thought about her today, it dawned on me that she is exactly where she is needed.  It was reported recently that she was confined to her room, where she spent her days praying for the world; she is no longer confined to that space.

I have faith she is already in the splendor of the Kingdom. And, from there, given all the turmoil we are seeing in this world this past week, I have faith she is in a prime spot to continue offering prayers for God’s mercy on the world.

So, I will keep Mother Angelica in my prayers as I complete the Divine Mercy Novena this week; and, I will ask her to intercede on behalf of our world, for God’s continued mercy.  While she is resting and basking in His presence, I have faith she will heed prayers to her, and continue to work to save souls.

Mother Angelica, pray for our world.

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