I’m Not Tired!

I have spent the better part of a week now trying to get this new blog up and running.  After successfully testing the, “schedule,” feature on this new site, I have been attempting to play around with the interface, and polishing up articles to schedule to post.

I have been trying to do this while E has been insisting on cluster-feeding during the day, which means she wants to be held and fed all. the. time during daylight hours (it could be worse – she could want to eat all night long).  While I can draft and compose blog posts while feeding her, it’s a little harder to do much of anything else, especially as M implores, “Mommy, play with me!”

Most families have preschoolers that nap.  M gave up naps around a year and a half ago – instead, he’ll do a 12 hour sleep overnight.  Which would be convenient if that meant I got things finished while he was sleeping, but I don’t.  By the time he goes to bed, I am exhausted, so I head to bed myself.

Imagine my surprise, then, when they both decided to nap at the same time!

Of course, this scenario only came on the heels of M insisting for the better part of an hour, “I’m not tired!

E decided she was ready to sleep, and didn’t want to be disturbed.  When she does that, she pulls a cover over her face as she finishes nursing, and purses her lips if you move the cover.  So, I was left staring at a little girl with legs poking out of a blanket, which while super cute, was not very productive.  Thankfully, she allowed me to put her down on the floor next to me, although she woke a few times to just, “make sure Mom is there – because, Mom can’t go anywhere.”  She and her brother are alike in that manner, so I’m glad he already trained me that, while sleeping, I must stay within arm’s reach, or leg’s reach, at all times.

While putting E to sleep, M grabbed some Goldfish crackers, and started eating them as he played with his toys.  When I put E down on her play mat, I noticed out of my peripheral that M’s movements had also slowed significantly.  And, that’s when I noticed he had fallen asleep, too!

Don’t ask about the position in which M fell asleep.  Lately, when he has fallen asleep in the middle of the day, it’s been with his head under the futon or a chair.

So, thankfully, I have been able to focus on my blog for the better part of an hour now.  Since the two have trained me well about staying within their line of reach, I am reticent about attempting to get up to do anything else around the house… we’ll see if I get anything else outside of the blogosphere done today.

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