Divine Mercy Sunday!

Today is Divine Mercy Sunday.  It’s a “new,” celebration in the Catholic Church, only having been designated a special Sunday a few decades ago.  (**Edit based on today’s homily: it is not a new celebration.  St. Thomas Aquinas wrote about celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday as the first Sunday after Easter, too.**)

I can’t claim to know much about Divine Mercy – yet.  I just know the rewards of going to Church today, with a heart contrite for your sins, is enough to allow God’s mercy to flow because of the sacrifice His son, Jesus, made by dying on the Cross at Calvary.

All week, I have been ruminating on Divine Mercy, reading about it, and trying to figure out how to explain the concept.  Yesterday, in the car, I had the only thought that came close to articulating Divine Mercy.

I am a parent.  I love my children with my entire heart, and I want to see them happy and productive members of society.  It is my job to give them the tools, and to teach them the “why,” behind working hard and contributing.  I can’t imagine there ever being a time where I won’t love them – I may not agree with their choices, even as they are toddlers (and, I express my displeasure through time outs, scolding, etc.).

Again, wading into some Theology of the Body teachings here when I say:

The love and hope I show for my children and their choices is but a mere glimpse of the love, joy, and forgiveness God gives to us.  

God is my Father, and Jesus died for my sins and for me.  The Holy Spirit is God’s way of providing me with guidance and tools to be a happy and productive member of this world.

So, if I can be upset with choices my children make, God as my parent is also upset by some of the choices I make.  However, in the words of St. Faustina’s prayers:

He also has unfathomable Divine Mercy!

Which means He will not tire of giving us His mercy, and His mercy knows no limits, if I truly, wholeheartedly, seek His forgiveness!

So, if you have not been to Church in a while, please join myself and the millions of other people around the world, as we celebrate Our Lord’s complete Divine Mercy!!  Let Him offer you His inexhaustible mercy today!

And, keep in mind the phrase written at the bottom of every Divine Mercy image:

Jesus, I trust in You!

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