Children’s Clothing Woes

In 8th grade, our class had to take two classes: Shop and Home Economics.  I adored shop class, and made some pretty fabulous objects and learned my way around a wood and metal shop.  While I learned some basics of cooking in Home Economics, my other endeavor (sewing) was not as successful.  Sewing was, perhaps, more impactful than the cooking lessons, though.

My final project for home economics was to make a pair of shorts; my teacher graded me, and gave me a “D,” on the project, saying, “You’ll never be able to wear those.  The stitching isn’t straight, and they’ll fall apart before you could get through a day.”  The joke was on her, since I was able to (albeit, defiantly) wear those shorts until I graduated from high school.  The entire situation, however, made me desire to never see a sewing machine again, and as such, I have never bothered to purchase one, fine tune my skills with one, and figured I would never desire a sewing machine.

Imagine my surprise, as I am now older, with my own two children, and I think I need to re-teach myself how to sew – with a sewing machine.  I have decided, as much as I love clothing straight off the rack, I dislike dressing my children.  I don’t like shopping for myself, let alone the kiddos.  It’s not because I don’t want them to look nice, and it isn’t because they fight me to get dressed.  I also don’t have difficulty with the styles I see in the stores, because for the most part, I can always find something stylish and fitting with the overall presentation of my children to the world.

No.  I hate dressing my children because I can never find clothing that fits their lower half!  M is a string-bean; he’s in one size of clothing according to his length, but thankfully most of his pants come with the adjustable waists.  So, while he might be in one size, his pants are adjusted to the absolute tightest setting; and, depending on the pants, that still requires him to wear a belt.  But, most adjustable waist pants don’t have belt loops, and I could go off on a tangent about the astronomical costs of children’s belts, too…

I’ve learned to adjust to M’s dressing needs.

Now, E has her own.

At 2 months of age, her height put her at the 77th percentile, which is fantastic!  But, she has a super long torso, and rather short legs.  Until just recently, newborn size pants fit her in the length, but were squeezing her like a sausage around the middle.  Now, the pants are too small and too tight, forcing me to put her in a 3 month size pant.  Problem is, the 3 month pants don’t fit – they are too long, and too loose around her waist.  At one point, I thought I found a pair of 0-3 month pants that would fit her, but upon sizing it with the 3 month (fashion and other Mommy-blogs say there isn’t a difference in sizing), I now wonder if what fit her like pants are really capris.

And, not all brands or sizing are created equal, either.  So, perhaps I should re-think the idea on making my own clothing for my children, designed for their proportions.  I should silence the inner 8th grade teacher critic, although I take pride in not being a “Domestic Goddess.”

Or, E can just constantly wear dresses with bloomers – but homemade bloomers, since those would fit around her waist.

The multicolored pants are the 0-3 months; the white pants are 3 months.


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