Looking Ahead to Another Move

Our family is getting ready to move… again!  Those that know me understand how absolutely thrilled and excited I am to be leaving our current location, and head out on a completely new adventure.  Some military families are able to stay in one location for long periods of time.  I should clarify – by “long,” I really mean 3 years or so. My family has moved every 12-24 months in the past 8 years.  My favorite place we lived was Hawaii; my least favorite place was Northern Virginia.

Yet, even in my least favorite place, there were bright moments – for example, the birth of my daughter.  Another bright moment was meeting, and learning from, my Sisters in Christ in the United States Marine Corps family.  Those ladies and their friendships will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Yet, I’m ready to move, and ready to embark on a life with a slower pace, and with new goals and challenges.

As I look at moving around, I realize I am blessed with getting to, “reinvent myself,” every couple of years.  Not in the sense that I become a completely different person, but rather, I get to reprioritize my goals.  I get to re-create a slate of priorities.  I get to narrow down what I do for others, to focus on doing solely for my family.

Therefore, I am beyond thrilled with our next family adventure!

M ran through the house, his toy broomstick in hand, sweeping the floor, walls, and the couches, loudly exclaiming, “We have to clean for the movers!”  Given his eagerness, I certainly hope my excitement and enthusiasm is rubbing off on him as well, and will set the tone for many successful family moves!

4 thoughts on “Looking Ahead to Another Move

  1. What a wonderful example of a good attitude in what could be trying circumstances. May God bless you with peace and enough of everything in your move.

    1. Thank you so much! My parents always tried to make moving an adventure, and I am trying to impart that sense of spirit to my kiddos. Furthermore, my faith keeps me grounded in knowing this is all part of His plans, so I am trying to, “let go and let God,” when my anxiety starts to rear its head!

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