Coloring the World a Little Purple

I have not always known about Military Child Appreciation Month, let alone the, “wear purple to show support,” day of 15 April.  Quite frankly, every day in our family is Military Child Appreciation Day, since this is the lifestyle we lead, but I wanted us to dress the part today.

This morning, I realized M has nothing in his wardrobe that is purple and fits him.  Since he really wanted to wear his “bug shirt,” which is green, we compromised, and he has his bug shirt under his Army jersey.

We had a play date with some other military brats we know, at a park off the military installation.  While the group of moms were talking, a mom and her children, unknown to those of us already at the playground, arrived.  Within minutes, we ascertained everyone at the playground was a military dependent.

As I watched all the children interact, I was again astounded at how seemlessly military children seem to jump into playing with each other in any situation.  I will acknowledge there are definitely exceptions to the rule, and personality always plays a role in this group-type scenario; as a whole, however, military children seem to recognize their social interaction needs depend on their ability to jump in and quickly adapt.

Growing up, I was the military child who coped with moves by reading and finding constant companionship in my books. As a military wife, I try to establish friendships at every duty location, but I am an introvert, which makes meeting new people exceptionally difficult for me.  It amazes me how quickly a less introverted military child, like my own, can so quickly jump in and have a role in an imaginative play game, like I witnessed today.

I recently saw an article that stated military children take up less than 2% of the population in this country.  I don’t know about the validity of that statistic, but I will say – if the number of military children is accurate, then I am more than willing to encourage my family to participate in the, “Wear purple to support our military children,” campaign once a year.

It’s simply a nice gesture to say thank you to our children, who stand behind the scenes, supporting their service member parent.

Thank you to those who, “colored the world a little purple,” today.  Your support of military children is invaluable.

Happy Military Child Appreciation Day!


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