Tapestry of a Move

As I referenced in a post last week, my family’s upcoming move is a time that allows me to take assessment of my priorities, and really line them up to see where I want to focus in this next home.  This is a daunting task, when I look at what activities I am currently involved with, and try to figure out how my various skill sets will be beneficial, all the while, going into unknown territory (both literally and figuratively).  Every move my family makes brings up a host of now-familiar anxieties.  These include:

~Will I find a welcoming church community?

~Will I find a friend?

~Will I find an outlet for myself?

~Will we find a swim school for the children?

~Will we find another family with small children to play with… and get along with the parents while the children get along with each other?

I learned years ago the concept of, “letting go and letting God.”  However, that is sometimes a tall order to ask of a person – to allow God’s will to take over, and in the words of Carrie Underwood, to let, “Jesus take the wheel.”

Through the multiple moves in my marriage, I have learned to first start by seeking out a parish community in my new home.  Even when everything else is being tossed into the air, with the uncertainty of where the puzzle pieces may fall, God’s house provides comfort and peace in the midst of the raging storm of change.

Preparing for a move, my life often feels as though it looks like this:

The pieces of the puzzle of life are completely apart, waiting to be sorted and the fabric of God’s plan is waiting to be revealed.  By starting with my faith, I am able to begin putting these pieces into some order, to begin shaping some of God’s picture for my next adventure:


I also have to keep in mind the grand plan is ultimately not up to me, and I have to be willing to adjust my wants, wishes, and desires, when a proverbial monkey-wrench is thrown into those plans.  It is during those times when I consistently have to remember to first seek out God, and lean on Him.  It is also a time where I batten down the hatches, and lean on my husband for his support and guidance, and provide a crucial example on adjusting for my children.

The monkey-wrench of an added unknown quantity/piece.

I have to be willing to recognize the adjustment process won’t always be easy, and it won’t always be a smooth.  However, ultimately, I know the tapestry of my move will be colorful, exciting, and filled with moments to treasure!

A beautiful tapestry lovingly put together by my children’s babysitter

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