Never a Dull Moment

On a drive home from church one Sunday, I overheard M start explaining his various family members in a low voice.  When I asked with whom he was speaking, he responded in an annoyed voice, “I’m talking to my friend.”  After a while, we realized his friend’s name was Jet (from the Super Wings television show).  By the end of the night, we were up to having 5 other friends in the house; unfortunately for his friends, only 3 of them are allowed to have dishes at the dinner table, and he must share his food with them, so as to ensure we don’t waste too much food.

This has been going on now for just over a month, and let me confess – I find this imaginary friend stage to be absolutely adorable.  There have been several times a day where I am reminded that I can’t just speak to M.  It usually comes in the form of a question, “Can Jet come, too?” or, “You love Jet, too?”  Jet is our constant companion – the other friends come and go.

The first day Jet made his appearance, we spent several hours playing hide-and-seek.  Have you ever tried to find an invisible friend?  The whole, “not being able to see them,” is a serious advantage for the friend during the game of hide-and-seek.  Thankfully, hours after starting the game, I was informed Jet was outside, ringing the doorbell.  Oops – not only could I not see him, I also couldn’t hear him!

Last week, we were spending some time in the beauty of the outside.  While I introduced E to the grass and to flowers, M played with his dogs and his “friends.”  Eventually, M asked me to push him on the tire swing, which has been an activity he eventually gets around to requesting when we are outside.

As he was swinging, he suddenly cried out, “Oh, no!  Mommy!  Stop!  I need to check on Donny!”  I stopped the swing, he jumped down, and ran to the other side of the swing, talking to his little friend…

Silly Mom hadn’t realized “Baby Donny” had fallen off the swing.

Growing up in a family where there were, at times, up to 12 children in the home at once, I got used to saying, “There’s never a dull moment.”

I will say, with all these imaginary friends, and the two tangible children I have, I can still say there is, “Never a dull moment.”

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