Low- to No-Cost Mama Spoiling

On Thursday, I wrote about how I was going away for a weekend, and that it was okay for me to allow myself that time.  This past weekend was nice – the ladies I spent time with are ladies I treasure.

However nice it was to get away, I started thinking about the mamas that can’t just, “get away,” whether it has to do with finances, schedules, or lack of desire to be away from their children.  I started wondering, “If I weren’t blessed enough to be able to get away from the day-to-day routine once a year, what would I do to allow myself a slight reprieve?”

Other blogging moms have blogged about spending time in prayer first thing in the morning, usually with Scripture open.  This usually comes with the advice to, “get up a little earlier than your children.”  Sorry, that is not happening at my house.  The days I rise before both children are few and far between – not only do I value sleep too much, I also require the extra sleep in order to function.  So, that is not practical for me.  What, then, can I do to spoil myself?

I could start by finding something small on my day to focus on, that isn’t child, or even husband, related.  The focus doesn’t have to be a long one.  As I was drafting this post in my head, I had gone through a Starbucks drive-thru, ordered my usual sweet nectar of goodness coffee, and savored that very first sip.  That was a mini-retreat in itself.  I have also done this with homemade coffee.

Other days, I spend time while E is napping and M is playing quietly, to work on editing and proof-reading, or drafting more blog posts.

Still, other days, I read a book – not a kid’s book, but what I will designate a, “Mommy book.”

Some days, I enjoy a quick shower, and make the water slightly warmer.  Or, I use a body scrub that I don’t usually use.

Since I am in charge of most of the cooking done in my house, some days I will make what I want to eat, or make myself a special dessert.  It doesn’t matter in the end if I “have,” to share it – what matters is I made something I wanted to make.

The older I get, the more I find recharging my batteries simply by finding the beauty in the nature around me.  I take a moment to literally smell the roses (or other flowers around me).

Sometimes, my mini-retreat is simply sitting here, nursing E, and admiring how much I have done to create two wonderful kiddos.  It might just be finding an admirable quality about myself, as their mother, and being able to recognize it in the little people I helped create.

I recognize I am blessed in so many ways, with support, finances, and time to go on retreats.  I am also not blind that others may not be able to do what I can do once a year.  What are some low- or no-cost ways you like to recharge your batteries?

At the end of the day, it is vitally important for moms to give themselves a break from their role as wife, mother, and “everything to everyone,” and focus on themselves.  The break doesn’t have to be physical – it can also be merely a mental break.

And, it is okay to take that brief respite!

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  1. In GA we used to have a rule. 8pm mom takes a bath and NO ONE is allowed to bother her….for the next hour! Hubby was on board and often “sent me to my bath”. It is a little harder with a nursing infant now….

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