What’s in a Name?

I have found that giving a name to people, and to other endeavors, such as a blog, is a daunting task.  It takes a lot of time, effort, thought, and for me, prayer.

I initially started blogging as a way for our extended families to read about our travels around the world.  My first blog was entitled “2 Dogs and a Skeletor.”  It was a nod to our two dogs, and the baby we were expecting at the time – 4 years ago this summer.  To me, the ultrasound pictures reminded me of what I would envision a “skeletor” would look like, if they existed. When we found out we were expecting again late last spring, I updated the name to, “2 Dogs and a Couple Skeletors.”  However, I felt slightly disjointed with the blog name.  I felt it didn’t quite convey the message I wanted to convey – about myself, my life, and ultimately, my blog.

I decided to overhaul my blog.  That included switching domain hosts to this current one.  I also knew I would feel more focused about my blog if I had a way for it to encapsulate my life.  As I spent weeks discerning how to proceed with my blog, I tried to pay attention to the direction God seemed to be calling me to write.

One day, I was frazzled, and I recall looking around my house and saying, “This place is such a mess.  I am such a mess.”  As I looked at the pile of papers, notebooks, and books surrounding my laptop on my kitchen table, I realized the mess I was visually seeing was all related to church activities.

A thought dawned on me: although my life feels like it’s a mess, God probably views it as a beautiful sight.  It’s a mess because I am juggling many different balls simultaneously, and the majority of them are to give God glory.

Piles of laundered clothing, in baskets because I hadn’t folded them and put them away yet indicated to me – God sees beauty in that my children will have clean clothes to wear, regardless of whether or not they are picked up and put away.  The mess of toys scattered around the house shows God how truly spoiled loved my children are by all the people who have lovingly gifted our children the toys.  The unwashed dishes in the sink show God I am constantly nursing an infant I am feeding those in which He has entrusted to me.

I realized, when viewed through God’s eyes, what He probably sees is a hot beautiful mess. And, because I am also writing about our family’s military lifestyle of frequent moves, the impact the lifestyle has, and how it frames my outlook on life, I decided I have not only a beautiful mess on my hands, but it is also a camouflaged mess.

If you could title your life, how would you describe it to others?

My life is a, “Beautiful, Camouflaged Mess,” and even if we haven’t met in person, I am excited for you to join me on this journey!

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  1. BOOKS, DOGS & YARN (all in shoutie caps like this because those excite me). 😊

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