Bosom Friends

I am constantly amazed at how God answers prayers.  Yesterday, I wrote about how friendships evolve and change.  Some friends enter into your life for a season, other friends become family.

When my husband and I lived in North Carolina, we were what some friends referred to as, “DINKs” (Dual Income, No Kids).  I was working upwards of 45+ hours a week, and my husband is still pulling hours over 50 each week.  We were both busy, and although I had an outlet of work, I was still relatively lonely.  I was adjusting to being away from family for the first time in my life, overworking, and wrapped up in (at the time) an untrained German Shepherd who was offended at having an interloper (me) move onto her turf.  I remember asking God to find one friend – just one, “bosom friend.”

One Friday night, my husband looked at our Husky mix and got worried about a, “puncture wound.”  He was afraid that she had been bitten by a poisonous spider.  So, he insisted we take her to the “doggy ER.”  I rolled my eyes, and actually argued with him about his plan, since I figured she was just fine.  (Short story: I was right – she was fine.)

As we arrived, there was a young lady who looked to be my age, sitting in the 24 hour doggy ER.  To say she seemed worried would be an understatement.  Something prompted me to reach out to her, which is unusual for me because I have difficulty talking to strangers.  In the 30 minutes we were waiting for our dog to be seen, I found out:

~She was also an Army wife;

~She was also an Army brat;

~She was there with her German Shepherd;

~Although she had a human puppy at home, her GSD was just as much a child of hers;

~She was a working professional, taking some time to stay home with her human puppy;

~She was also Catholic.

Before leaving that night, I left my name and number for her at the front desk.  What I didn’t know at the time was that night at the doggy ER (the trip I didn’t want to take), would lead to a friendship that is completely invaluable to me, and is still strong 8 years later.

We may not see each other as much as we would like, and our paths may not intersect as frequently as we would wish.  But, we both know if we need anything, we can pick up the phone at any time of day or night.

Those that know me know I take time to warm up.  I am a guarded, introverted individual.  As I look back, I am so deeply grateful for the “bosom friends,” I have made throughout my life.  From elementary school to adulthood, my girlfriends gently push me to try to be a better person, and a deeply faithful wife, mother, and friend.  The dedication to their vocations of wives and/or mothers are an inspiration to me.

Finally, I thank God for His answered prayers.  Without Him, and without His answering prayers, I wouldn’t be blessed to have the lifelong friends I have made in my life.

I’d love to hear other, “this is how we met,” friendship stories!  Have one you’d like to share?

6 thoughts on “Bosom Friends

  1. This is how we met: A small group, one class, of students converged upon Senior Hall before classes began for the rest of our program. We were alone in the building, one class full of recently graduated bachelor level students stepping up into grad school. It didn’t take long to realize that many of our classmates had different world views from mine. Many of them did not appreciate me string belief, my faith, in God. I doing a couple of friends in that class who understood The Truth and had similar values. I’m so glad to have you in my life, Anni! There are not many people who understand me the way you do.

  2. i have 3 life-long, forever friends.

    the first i’ve known since elementary, but we didn’t like each other till high school where we became inseparable bff’s. we haven’t lived in the same state since graduation (1982), but we’re still bff’s.

    the second i met my first week at college. she came to my room to meet my roommate who was from the same hometown, but roomie wasn’t there; i was, and we’ve been bff’s ever since. she and her husband met in my first wedding.

    the third i met when our first children were babies – she taught the one-year-old’s class at church, and we’ve been bff’s ever since. she and i live the closest of all three and see each other regularly.

    there are a few more i know i can count on … like the one i met at another church before i had kids. she had 2 boys and then had a miscarriage of a baby girl and was heartbroken. though i’d never been pregnant, my heart went out to her, and i wrote her a note – a note she still has to this day, over 20 years later.

    1. How absolutely beautiful!! It amazes me how God will put people in our paths at exactly the right time, for exactly the right reason. It really should not surprise me, though.

      Thank you for sharing!

  3. This is how we met… CWOC!!! I thought to myself
    -hmm, this girl here is way wise and mature beyond her years! I like her! She’s going on the friend list

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