Just Slap a Bow On It

When I was pregnant, before finding out whether or not we were having a girl or boy, my husband expressed a sentiment that I also shared: it would be convenient if we had a boy, since we had enough to outfit that second child through his entire baby and toddlerhood. Finding out we were having a girl didn’t dampen our excitement one bit, but we quickly realized we wouldn’t be able to use as many clothes from our son, for his baby sister.

We received this in the mail a couple months before E’s birth:

As I looked at it, I was completely perplexed.  It was one of a half-dozen of headbands, and while this one was cute, I struggled to figure out how I would be able to use this headband.  Baby girls’ styles aren’t quite utilizing neon green these days.  Nothing in E’s closet would match this color green, and while I was able to, “make it work,” with just an outfit or two, it was a stretch when I did put it on her head.

As I was going through some of M’s old clothes recently, I stumbled upon this gem:
I am an absolute sucker for any “honu,” or, “sea turtle.”  For some reason, the honu called to me in Hawaii, and I believe it to be my spirit animal – if I am stressed, just seeing the Hawaiian honu picture, I am immediately soothed.

I looked at the shirt, and then wondered about the green-colored headband.  After a quick comparison of greens, I figured I might be able to make an outfit work.

The end result exceeded my expectations, and solidified my belief that, when in doubt, “slap a bow on it”:

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