Must Be Doing Something Right

My son absolutely loves the television show on Nick,Jr. called Paw Patrol.  While he has a recurring love for Chase (the police pup), his go-to favorite character pup on that show is Marshall (the fire pup).  Earlier this week, he enjoyed spending time with his little sister, playing pups with her, while she stood next to him at the couch.

Today, my son came to me and insisted his ear hurt him.  This has happened the last three weekends now, usually occurring either the day after, or two days after his weekly swim lessons.  I decided to call his doctor’s office, and they were surprisingly able to fit him in – 45 minutes after I called them.

Since we had been spending the day in our pajamas, I contemplated taking the two kiddos to the appointment in their pajamas.  However, better judgement won out, and I rushed to get the two ready in street-clothes to head out in the pouring rain.  My daughter wound up in another “Slap a Bow On It” outfit, with the bow choice courtesy of her older brother.

While we were in the waiting room, my oldest decided to name his sister Baby Marshall.  He became Chase, and I became the puppy-wrangler from Paw Patrol, Ryder.  Baby Marshall spent most of the time in her stroller, but after the first hour of waiting, she decided to wake up and partake in the waiting game the rest of the two hours we were in the office.

Both children sported boots today, although Baby Marshall’s boots are still a little too big for her feet.  She spent the better part of her time in her stroller attempting to kick them off.

Chase’s galoshes were the talk of the waiting room, nurse’s station, and the doctor.  He loves them, mostly because he gets to splash in all puddles!  We are going on his wearing them 2 years in a row, with no sight of them becoming too small in the near future.  We have certainly gotten our money’s worth…

I have read most ear infections can go without treatment, and clear up on their own without the use of antibiotics.  In his 3 years of life, we have never had an ear infection in this house, and now Chase has a mild one.  Thankfully for us, his only symptom has been today’s, “Hey Mommy, my ear hurts,” and wincing when I rubbed it.  The doctor who saw my son asked how he had been doing adjusting to his baby sister; I replied that I felt my son had been adjusting exceptionally well, and mused perhaps it could have something to do with us encouraging him to have ownership over her and let her be, “his baby.”

This evening, I watched my son play with his sister.  He again referred to her as Baby Marshall.  As I observed them, it dawned on me – he has named her his coveted pup from Paw Patrol.  He has always loved and adored Marshall, and now his baby sister is that pup.  She may not be allowed to play with that pup when they play together, but she is that pup!

That realization not only warmed my heart, but gave me a reassurance that he is not only adjusting well to her, but that we as their parents must be doing something right!


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