Hanging with My Guardian Angel

I have covered my thoughts on thanking my Guardian Angel, and why I don’t agree with naming a Guardian Angel.  What I haven’t quite covered, is how I go about having a relationship with my Guardian Angel.  As you may have noticed in my previous articles, I spend a lot of time referring to my guardian angel as, “it,” rather than, “he,” or, “she.”

According to teaching, angels are neither male nor female. They are angels. It is my understanding, if angels were to appear to humans in their natural state, they would be so fierce and scary looking, with eyes all over their bodies, we would be frightened to death. So as to not kill us, they appear in human-ish form, thereby taking on male or female features. But, that is not their natural state, hence why I refer to my angel as, “it.”

So, you may be asking, “if you don’t name it and you don’t give it a gender, how can you say you have a relationship with your angel?”

Quite simply, I try every day to take a moment to talk to my Guardian Angel.  I try to find one thing to thank it/them for each day.  I am slowly learning to lean on my angel during times of temptation or need/desires/wants.  I never thought to go to my angel to assist me – it’s not that I didn’t want to seek its assistance, rather, it never dawned on me to seek it out.

One cool thing, among many, about the Catholic Church is it celebrates a feast day of saints and special holy people almost every day.  Celebrated annually since 1608, the Feast Day of the Guardian Angels is currently celebrated on 2 October.  Facebook is great about having memes pop up in my newsfeed on that day, reminding me to thank my Guardian Angel.  Perhaps one year, I will remember the feast day in enough time for me to take my angel to Mass, so my angel can worship God with all the other saints and angels at the altar.

That said, my Guardian Angel is with me 24/7, and doesn’t require me to approach the Mass on just one special day a year.  Instead, I have been growing my relationship with my angel simply by talking to it.  It’s kind of a one-sided relationship because my angel isn’t Jiminy Cricket, talking back to me in a soft voice; instead, it shows me its love and devotion by caring for me, and ensuring my safety and the safety of those in whom I care.

I have prayed to God to help me foster the relationship with my Guardian Angel.  Almost each night before bed, I say the Guardian Angel prayer.

My angel works hard.  I dare say everyone’s angel works hard.  I just hope I am able to give it some modicum of respect, joy, and thanks for all the work it does!

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5 thoughts on “Hanging with My Guardian Angel

  1. That’s so interesting. The Churches teaching on guardian angels has started to pop into my head lately. I’m never sure what ! Think about it.
    To be honest as a revert I read a lot of Protestant teaching/went to Protestant churches and picked up a lot of prejudices toward Catholic teaching as a result. I actually prayed to God about the Truth of Mary – and find myself loving her more and more. Perhaps now I should turn my attention to asking God about my guardian angel just as you’ve done. Thank you for the inspiration :).

  2. This was great. I think that I try to outrun my angel some days, and I know I don’t mean to, but I have been wearing the wings off of them lately… I appreciate the reminder to thank them!

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