Thoughts on Our Lady of Akita

I have enjoyed the visual reaction of fellow Catholics, when I have shared my opinion that I find Mary to have been “God’s Anger Management” program.  People look scandalized at the mere thought!  I believe God’s temper has not been as noticeable as in the Old Testament, since Mary gave her fiat, or her yes, to God.

The messages from Our Lady of Akita, in Japan, did nothing to diminish my philosophy, and in fact bolstered my belief!

Appearing to a deaf nun, Sr. Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa on 12 June 1973, Our Lady of Akita‘s voice was heard several times.  Throughout the appearances, in which she shone in a dazzling light, Our Lady of Akita delivered messages reminiscent of those delivered by Our Lady of Fatima in 1917.  During the time of the apparitions, and for a period of time afterward, the statue of Our Lady of Akita wept; at one point, a cross which bled, appeared on the palm of the statue’s right hand.

What struck me most about Our Lady of Akita’s apparition were not the dire predictions of God’s wrath, but instead, the wording of the Eucharistic Prayer of Our Lady of Akita.  She emphasized a point in doctrinal teaching, stating, “Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, truly present in the Holy Eucharist…”  By noting He was “truly present,” she was affirming Jesus’ True Presence, that His true Body and Blood is found at each Mass.  This is a basic, central belief of the Catholic faith – that the bread and wine are not mere symbols of Jesus, but truly become His Body and Blood during the Consecration.

Furthermore, Our Lady of Akita’s message that, “With my Son I have intervened so many times to appease the wrath of the Father,” I am made a believer that my initial assertion of Mary and her fiat being God’s Anger Management.  Without her intercession, and the sacrifices of her Divine Son, we could have quite possibly experienced another flood akin to that of Noah’s time.

Sr. Agnes was told by her Guardian Angel that she would be cured of her deafness, and that miracle has occurred.  Sr. Agnes also reportedly saw her Guardian Angel several times during these apparitions, and was even blessed to see, “a multitude of angels surrounding the altar in adoration before the Host.”

Statue of Our Lady of Akita, taken from Wikipedia

The few things that have struck me from researching this apparition of Our Lady of Akita:

1.)  Jesus is really, truly present in the Eucharist (for some reason, this was my take-away thought, and I am excited to learn the Eucharistic Prayer of Our Lady of Akita);

2.)  God’s wrath is tempered by consistent intervention of both Jesus and Mary;

3.)  It’s good to pray the Rosary (something I could do better about);

4.)   Guardian Angels can make themselves known with God’s permission;

5.)  As Our Lady of Akita asserts,”Even in a secular institute, prayer is necessary.”  So, we all need to be praying in reparation for our sins;

6.)  This happened in modern times – some of these miraculous occurrences were caught on television, with the first apparition being only a couple weeks older than my oldest sibling!

For more information on this apparition, I encourage my readers to click through the links in this article.  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

**Feature Image taken from Catholic Tradition’s article on Our Lady of Akita.**

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