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Recently, I attended a Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) meeting.  There was a guest speaker, whose topic was about faith building with your young children.  She presented a handout, entitled, “The 5 Finger Prayer.”  It was reminiscent of Pope Francis’ 5 Finger Prayer, and when I looked up the Pope Francis version, I realized she modified what has been put out for adults, to accommodate for small children.

I decided one afternoon, during some down time for both M and myself, to talk about the 5 Finger Prayer, as presented by our guest speaker.

With the thumb, the children are supposed to pray for those closest to them – whomever they decide is the closest.  M quickly designated a few friends.

Then, the pointer finger is for those far away from the preschooler.  This is where M decided he was finished with this prayer.

The third finger (“Tall Man”) is designated for “those that lead us (i.e. government),” or for preschoolers, those closest to our heart.  M got excited, and quickly announced, “God!”  No matter how many different ways I tried to ask the question, he kept deciding we needed to pray for God on the middle finger.

At that point, I checked out of trying to teach this prayer to M.  I stopped because of the lesson I was learning from my son in that moment…

My son was so insistent we pray to God, and for God, and while he didn’t give me the words, he gave me the reminder – how often do I pray to God as a simple act of prayer, instead of asking for something, apologizing for a transgression, or even thanking Him?  How often do I spend time just simply being with God in prayer?

In order to have a relationship with anyone, there must be that ability to just exist and be in company with that other person.

God is the one constant in my life.  When all else fails, He is still there, steadfast.  He wants a personal, intimate relationship with me, and yearns for me to want a relationship with Him.

This transcends even the aspect of adoring God – it speaks to the power of “just being,” with Him.  

Given the challenge inadvertently issued by my son, I think I will be spending a little more time being mindful of God in my life, honoring Him, and allowing Him to be a part of my day.
Since I don’t make it to Adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament too frequently, I will need to practice being in prayer, and offering all my actions to the glory of God while out and about during my day.  Finally, I will need to practice the art of “just being,” with God, amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.

What are ways you incorporate, “just being” with Our Lord?  How do you keep in mind that concept while running errands, corralling children, and living your daily life?

12 thoughts on ““Just Being”

  1. I love this! We are so busy “doing” most of the time that we don’t stop to just be. Just “be” with God, just “be” with our suppose, just “be” with our children, etc. God made us “human beings,” not “human doings.” This was a wonderful observation. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I find my best “being” outside in the backyard where Mary’s grotto is and the 30+ red and pink rose bushes surround her. There is a peace there, a silent recognition of His presence there also. No words, no song, just quiet- for as long as I’m there.

  3. At times, I myself forget to pause a bit and “just being” in his presence or reference him, because am too absorbed in my laid out activities

    1. Oh, I really think that definitely happens to the best of us! That’s when we are forced to make a concerted effort, and really remember to thank Him! One thing that helps a lot of people is setting a timer – I have a bad habit of clicking the timer off, and not spending a few minutes with Him, but it really does help others…!

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