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After being left with a heavy heart with my Mary Project, I was excited to accept an invitation to Barnes & Noble by my husband.  I was surprised he wanted to take me there, simply because he knows I can’t leave that store empty-handed.

On the drive there, I spent time researching more about the messages of Our Lady of Fatima, and by the time we reached Barnes & Noble, I was in a mood.  Further complicating matters about the messages are the conspiracy theories out there saying the Vatican hasn’t fully released the third secret, but I digress.

We walked into the bookstore, and quickly made a beeline for the kids’ section.  After we exhausted that area, my husband went to browse his sections of interest, and I headed to mine of the day – the Religion section.  I said a little prayer that I find the book God wanted me to find, preferably something intriguing, and one that carried His message in an upbeat manner.

I spent 20 minutes perusing that small section of the store, carefully analyzing all the contents. At the end of my time in that section, with M chomping at the bit to go buy his toy, I resigned myself in accepting I would be going home with nothing.  As I turned around, a small book, wedged in the midst of several large books, caught my eye and attention.

I am so excited to start reading this book!  By the time I have this post published, I am hoping to have read considerably more, if not all, of this book.

I love Immaculée Ilibagiza’s writing style, and was already heavily influenced by her book, Our Lady of Kibeho.  So, I am excited to have found this book, to accompany her other book spreading the Gospel and the messages given to the visionaries in Kibeho, Rwanda.  I also trust her judgement on the matters of the visionaries of Kibeho.  Although Our Lady of Kibeho gives warnings to mankind, for some reason, the messages from that apparition are more comforting to me, than the ones of Our Lady of Fatima.  I think it’s because Our Lady of Kibeho references God’s mercy, and gives insight into how be a faithful follower of God – something “simple” as loving God, and living by (in my interpretation) the Golden Rule.

I’m a firm believer that even seemingly-unanswered prayers are answered prayers.  I am so excited to read this book, to hopefully find what God wants me to read and ponder!

What book on spirituality has touched you lately?

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