Two Children, Growing Together

Depending on the time of year, I am either five or six years younger,than my closest sibling.  My older brother and I didn’t always get along growing up – often, we were more like arch enemies.

When I had my children three and a half years apart, I didn’t think anything of it.  I routinely say prayers as I go about my day, praying they will be close.  Whether they are brought close by a mutual dislike of their mean mom, or whether they are brought close by a shared bond of moving every couple years and being each others’ constant in life, I don’t care.  I just want them to be close.

What I did not anticipate, however, was how quickly the two would grow close.  My children teach me more about sibling bonds than I ever learned growing up, and far more than I ever learned in school.  E arrived on scene seeming to know it was she and M against the world, regardless of whether or not he acknowledges that fact.

This was made very clear to me when M was recently hospitalized.  For two days, E was on edge, and her uneasiness only abated while we were in M’s hospital room.  Even when he didn’t want to pay any attention to her, she was happy just to be in his presence.
I’ve previous written about how we must be doing something right as parents, fostering this sibling bond so early on in their lives.  However, I don’t have any secrets to share as to how it is happening, it is just happening.

E enjoyed spending time in her brother’s company, while he was completely oblivious to her attempts to get his attention.

I think part of the beauty of watching the two children growing together is how this is completely organic and natural.

Today, I watched E intently as she studied M in the pool; as a little sister, I recognized the look in her eye – she wants to be with her brother.  She wants to be on par with him, and she wants to be his equal.  Part of me worries for her, because I know this burning desire will only mean she will grow up quicker than I would like; the other part of me is proud of her, because I know this means she will push herself in order to be deemed “cool enough” to hang with her older brother.

I will take these moments where they love on each other, capturing as many moments as I can on camera, since I know there will come a day when the two are at each others’ throats.  I will continue to cherish this apparent love between big brother and little sister as the peace lasts.  And, I look forward to them continuing to build an inseparable bond, in which they look out for, respect, and love each other.

M spent some quality time teaching E the tips and tricks to his old piano stand.

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  1. That’s why it is said that we should enjoy the moment. They will grow up and eventually go on two separate paths, but the bond will always be there. They will come together when they need to, they will support each other when it is necessary, and they will love each other….if only from a distance that exists because they have become grownups.

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