Ebb & Flow

I have noticed, in looking back through this blog, I have developed a pattern to my posts.  I aim to post 3 faith-based articles a week, then one that addresses the military angle of my life, and then another post which touches on my, “Adventures in Parenting.”

As I approached this week, with no articles drafted, and nothing scheduled to print, I briefly wondered about my faith-based posts.  I had no inspiration, no insight, and nothing upon which to base an article.  It’s not that I am not thinking about my faith or putting it into practice; instead, for some reason, I am at a stopping point in discussing my thoughts.

As I ruminated on not posting an article on Monday, while trying to come up with my mid-week post, the thought dawned on me – this inability to create a post based on faith reminded me of what I describe as my ebb and flow of faith.

By using the term, “an ebb and flow of faith,” I don’t mean I doubt in my faith or God.  Instead, there are times I feel my outwardly expression of my faith is not as intense as other times.

Like waves crashing onto the sand, there are times my heart and passion is full-force and visible.  My faith works loudly and strong at those times.

Then, other times, the tide abates, leaving the shore still and calm.  The water is still there, but the fierce passion of the waves is tempered.  At those times, I find my faith quietly working, albeit with the same strength, in little ways.

I am currently experiencing the latter half of that description.

Because I have experienced this in the past, I know if I spent some time in Adoration, I would walk away with a list of topics to write about.  However, that is not a practical solution right now, and I honestly don’t have the desire to make that a priority right now.

Instead, perhaps what I am realizing, as I sit with my thoughts and ponder this ebb and flow, is that it is okay to not be on fire all of the time.

Relationships with others around me aren’t passionate and expressive all of the time.  Instead, relationships are real.  They require loyalty and commitment.  Relationships have to be purposeful, willing to endure during the mundane monotony of life.

Perhaps that is what I am experiencing during this lull – the real relationship I have with God.  The kind of relationship where I am not consumed by passion at all times, but rather am diligently working to continue to make our ultimate relationship work.

And, this scenario works for me… today…

2 thoughts on “Ebb & Flow

  1. Remember the song “Be Still and Know That He Is God”? And “Slow Down, Be Still and Wait on the Spirit of the Lord”? There are many there phrases, songs, books, and comments that remind us that to hear God, we need to listen. You are now listening. Sometimes, listening is the humble and faithful thing to do….to let Him work his work and to hear His voice. You’re okay….just listen.

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