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The experience of three children in a hotel is quite the adventure  Do I want to live in a hotel for months on end, like other families I have known?  Not even!  Yet, I have been enjoying taking some time to live out of the suitcases, in a small space, with limited toys.  I’ve noticed M hasn’t even mentioned his larger toys that he ensured the movers packed; instead, he has been content with his Paw Patrol toys, his Candy Land game, his iPads, and going back to the basics (i.e. coloring, construction paper, and Hot Wheel cars).

E decided this week she was going to learn to sit up – all on her own.  Since then, we have been dealing with a strong-willed little girl, who insists on performing crunches during diaper changes in an effort to sit up, and a little girl who is grabbing at everything.  I suspect the days of willingly reclining in her stroller are gone, especially as we eat out at restaurants.

E has the same problem her older brother had – she is so short, she is face-height up against the table.  If she loses her balance, she will face plant into the corner of the table; however, she is just as tenacious as her brother, and I am watching her desire to do what everyone else is doing outweigh her current physical abilities.  Perhaps I can fashion a pool noodle to slip on and off tables as we sit her up to join us at the table…

Today’s adventure away from the hotel included finding our way to the installation (a couple U-turns were in order), finding the Starbucks and Post Exchange (PX), and playing at the beautifully covered on-post playground.  M was one of the only mobile children at the playground, and quickly began a solo game of Paw Patrol meets Transformers.  E got to try a swing for the first time in her life, and she loved the new experience!  I’m pretty sure park-play will be on our to-do list rather frequently as we acclimate to this weather.

I look forward to the day we aren’t living in a hotel, and have a place to call home.  Until then, I will enjoy the days of simple living, unencumbered by multitudes of clothes and toys.

4 thoughts on “Out & About Adventures

  1. ahhh … those are such sweet days! i know they’re taxing, too 🙂

    there is so much to be thankful for … a safe place to call home, even if just temporarily. healthy children who are able to reach their milestones at appropriate ages, a safe playground to enjoy, good food to eat and a place to prepare it, remember it really is the simple things that make life, and being together as a family. you’re doing great, Mom!

  2. Oh, the places you’ll go! Life is giving you the best it has in the no-so-best circumstances. that’s the way it goes….the ups and downs.
    enjoy the moments and tell Morgan I send BIG hugs! Love you all.

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