Missing Time with God

My husband recently described this PCS perfectly when he explained to a friend, “this move has been a comedy of errors.”  Again, echoing sentiments of a previous post about this move, whatever can go wrong, has gone wrong.  That said, by looking at it in light of a comedy, I have been able to easily roll with the punches that keep coming.  Tonight, we are only 2 beds shy of having all our beds assembled in our house – the parts to the 2 unassembled beds are entirely missing (even though the baby’s crib has a sleeve in the bottom specifically for parts, but I digress).

I had been hoping to use this new duty location to take a knee, and really discern the path God is calling me to continue contributing my time and talents.  Today, the thought dawned on me I have been missing God’s voice.  I haven’t been taking time to listen for Him or to Him.  I’m not blaming myself or beating myself up about this revelation.  It’s not as though I have been doing nothing – between moving, unpacking a house, house-hunting, and raising small humans, I’m pretty sure I have a good excuse.

However, I realized I am missing Him.

I haven’t had the ability to re-set myself, and take the time to make God a priority, which sounds horrible.

And yet, that’s how I feel.

I miss making God a daily priority.

Sure, I have been to weekly Mass, I have been saying my daily prayers, and through a Catholic women’s group, have even said the Divine Mercy chaplet each week since we moved.  I haven’t doubted Him, nor have I failed to recognize the abundant gifts He has given my family.

However, I haven’t had time to just sit with Him, be with Him, and nurture my relationship with Him.

I am hoping to make it to a weekly Holy Hour this week, and would love to make it to daily Mass.  I hope to make the Holy Hour sans small children this time, so I can recharge my spiritual batteries.

Overall, I look forward to renewing my spiritual journey, and enhancing my spiritual growth.

And, I now know I need to make an action plan for our next major move, to ensure I don’t sideline my spiritual journey as I muddle through adjusting to a new normal.

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