Independence Day Thoughts

After yesterday’s Mass debacle, I was reticent to attempt Mass again so soon.  However, M agreed this morning he would like to try to see if he could do better today, so off we trotted to Mass again.  To my relief, he did significantly better today; we have some rough patches to work out, but I will take today as a win.

M’s physical appointment, on the other hand, was a different story.  However, I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt, since although he doesn’t nap anymore, he does seem to do better when there is some quiet time, and his doctor appointment was right in the middle of quiet time.  

On the way home from the doctor’s appointment, both children fell asleep.  Because they both napped for a while, I decided tonight would be a great evening to have them stay up late and go have an early celebration of upcoming Independence Day.  Our installation, like many other military installations over this weekend, threw their annual Independence Day firework and concert tonight.  

We typically don’t go to the concerts – neither my husband nor I are big concert attendees.  However, Auntie M was excited at the prospect of seeing a concert and watching fireworks.  And, I wanted to show off fireworks to a little boy who hasn’t seen them in a couple years, since his mom was too reluctant to go fight crowds in the Nation’s Capitol.

So, our family meandered down to the celebration.  It was beautiful.  

Tonight’s display reminded me of the sacrifices so many families make – primarily the families of the service members who pay the ultimate sacrifice.  The area in which we live is rife with history from the beginning of our nation’s history, and I spent some time reflecting on those who fought for this nation’s independence.  

With all the fighting, with all the turmoil, and with all the bitterness between political parties, religious groups, social groups, etc., is our nation living up to the dreams and aspirations of its forefathers?  Would they be proud of our nation, if they were to see it today?

Just like my deeply personal faith contends my actions must be for the glory of God, and I should strive to make Him proud, so, too, should I strive to be a responsible and engaged citizen.  

To make the sacrifice of those who died while fighting for independence worthwhile, I must continue to act in a manner that recognizes the values of freedom, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.  These are values extended to all citizens of this great country.

This is a tall order – to have respect, and support, of freedom, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for all citizens of our nation.  

Yet, this is something I shall be pondering as we head into our upcoming Independence Day celebrations.  

At the forefront of this thought is how to balance that respect and support, when the values may not reflect my religious beliefs?  

And, how can I, as one individual citizen, ensure I play my role as a citizen, to make those who sacrificed their lives earning our independence, proud?  

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