Writer’s Block

I have been neglectful of my blog lately.  It isn’t because I haven’t had anything to say – quite the contrary, actually.  I keep going back to my list of topics that I add to on a weekly basis, sometimes daily basis, and trying to find that “spark” with the words.  I suspect this is what writer’s block is – sometimes knowing what you want to say, but not knowing quite how to convey your meaning and intention.

So, I am putting out this update in the hope that my words start coming back to me.

We have continued to settle in to our new home.  We have made it to daily Mass a couple times, once with little success, and the other with a slightly better success.  Auntie M and I have gone to Adoration twice, sans children.  We celebrated a family-affair wedding anniversary, and a low-key Independence Day.

M has been having behavioral challenges, due to what I suspect are adjustment issues to this move, his new environment, and being without friends.  As of today, we are beginning use of a behavioral chart, which is something I didn’t think we needed until a couple days ago.

We are still planning on registering him for swim classes, but we haven’t done that yet; instead, we are trying to take advantage of the water park right near our house.  We made it to the library last week, where he was able to interact with a few same-age peers for a short period of time; he is now registered for the “hourly care” option on our installation, so when their hourly care re-opens (hopefully in September), perhaps he can meet other children that way.  Next week, a play group through a program sponsored by the Army kicks off, where he and his sister will be able to interact with other children their age.

E continues to meet various developmental milestones.  She refuses to roll over.  She loathes tummy time, and I am starting to suspect it is due to her umbilical hernia – while they say it doesn’t hurt her, I am skeptical, given her refusal to engage on her belly for more than five minutes at a time.  Although she isn’t rolling over, she most recently mastered sitting independently, and is also working very hard on standing.  On the day our installation celebrated Independence Day with fireworks, she learned to wave.  Since she will be six months old in a couple days, she also started on solids this week.

We have been busy.  And, in the midst of the business and craziness, I continue to draft blog posts in the manner I usually draft writing assignments – in my head.  While I’ve had the thoughts, I haven’t had the words.

However, I am going to commit to powering through this writer’s block, and to continue putting my thoughts to the computer screen, in whatever fashion they form.

Thank you for bearing with me!


4 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. Writer’s block is the worst…there is not a good solution to it, I know, I get it all the time. I am sure you will get back in the swing, just have to let the crazy die down some more. Good luck.

  2. Daddy says that beginning is half done. Well, that should be “finished” but that’s not the point! This will pass, and I am anxious for your next blogs…they are so thought provoking and well written.

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