Changing the World – My Way

Last night, I sat down to put some thoughts to paper, as more of an effort to eradicate my writer’s block.  However, as the computer turned on, the news coming out of Nice, France began to unfold on my television screen and on news related websites I follow in lieu of a newspaper.

With a heavy heart, I closed my laptop, turned off my television, and focused on what I should have been doing anyway – making dinner for my family.

My heart was, and remains, heavy.  Whatever topic I had planned to write about seems so trivial, compared to everything that has recently happened, and is continuing to happen, in this country and the world.

As I started contemplating blog posts and topics to write about, I realized my thoughts keep coming back to the tragedies occurring.  These are sobering events and times in which we live.  I don’t like ruminating on negativity, and usually try to brush aside news that shakes me to the core.

This morning, I realized I am doing myself no favors by avoiding my blog.  I am doing myself no favors by watching the news, updating news sites, or reading my FB feed for prayer updates.  I am doing myself no favors by dwelling on events that I cannot change.

Instead, I need to focus on the tasks at hand – the events I can change:

~ Feeding and playing with my children;

~ Giving my family hugs, kisses, and showering them with love;

~ Being kind to those I meet;

~ Putting words to paper, or to the computer screen;

~ Staying connected with those whom I have developed close bonds;

~ Praying for our country and our world.

As I thought about my need to focus on positivity, I my thoughts consistently turned to the following quote by Mother Teresa.

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.”

While I focus on my family, I hope they will be imparted with the skills, knowledge, opportunity, and faith to make their lives, and the lives of those around them, a little better each day.

So, today, and in the coming days, I will turn off the news.

I will stay away from Facebook.

I will not refresh the news webpages.

Instead, I will pray for our country and the world.

I will pray for the conversion of hearts for those who would do others harm.

I will focus on my family.

I will find joy in the little moments. 

I will love my family.

11 thoughts on “Changing the World – My Way

  1. It’s been long, hope you’re doing great.
    I too hate negativity and cringe when I see it…I don’t even keep up with the news anymore..because of this and others. So much bad news and weird things going on.

    1. I agree – I like to be aware of what is going on, be informed, and stay up-to-date, but not at the cost of my outlook on life!

      Hope you and your family are doing well! Thank you for your comment!

  2. we who are wives and mothers anchor our families. they need us to be stable, to create a place of safety and serenity, to the best of our abilities. keeping up to date with skeleton details is enough. dwelling on the negative till it seeps into our being and controls us is not.

    it was 9-11, and i was outside in the beautiful, peaceful, clear-blue, sunshiny day, watching my 1 and 3 year olds playing … while the world was crumbling … and their dad was in another city scrambling to find a ride home half-way across the country when all air traffic was grounded. my girls did not need to know what was going on in the world. i did not need to know anything but the essential details. i kept the tv and radio off. having a computer in the home was new for us then, so i didn’t spend much time on it anyway. from Texas, there was nothing i could do but pray and love on my babies and be the mom they’d always known. keep the home stable, normal, while the world crumbled around us.

    you are wise … love on your babies. maintain that safe, serene, stable environment for your husband to come home to each day – he needs it b/c the world he lives in is not.

  3. This is so beautifully written! I could see myself in the post. Let’s focus on what we can change and let go of what we can’t. Much love

  4. These are especially disturbing when we think of the children of the world. The only answer I know is love and prayers, so for myself, I’m increasing the love and prayers I send out a hundredfold.

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