A Birthday Post to A Special Young Lady

Years back, when I was 16, going on 17, I spent a summer as “nanny” for my older sister, who was finishing up working in an office-setting after having my niece.  I spent 3 months with my older sister and brother-in-law, and got to develop an awesome bond with my niece.  Today, my niece shares some similar characteristics and traits as her auntie, and I suspect part of that transcends biological connection, and has more to do with the initial time we spent together that summer.

This past spring, my mom offered to send my little sister out this summer to assist as our family moved – to be an extra pair of hands for me as my husband settled into his new job, and I settled in to parenting two children in a completely new city.  The goal was to have her nanny in the sense that I nannied for my sister and her family, but I have noticed it is slightly different since I am not leaving for the office and gone many days of the week.

Today, we are celebrating a birthday in our home – not my children’s birthday, but instead, the birthday of a wonderful young lady.  Like me, she was sent to help when she was 16, going on 17.  And, like her older sister, she is wise beyond her teenage years – yet, still has a little flair for showing her teenage years at times!

So, today’s post is a happy birthday post, to a wonderful, sensitive, thoughtful, insightful, introspective, observant Auntie M.  To say the extra pair of hands is extremely beneficial would be an understatement.  My little sister has been an absolute God-send.

Out of deference to her desire to have no pictures taken of her, I will only post a picture of the two of us together when she was a baby.  I think she was a year old at this time, making me 17 (or on the verge of 18).  

Because distance so often separates my family members, our relationship grew apart after I left home for college, and then re-left when I got married.  In typical sibling fashion, our relationship has also not been without its ups and downs, and there have been moments that I would like to take back – moments that she is quick to remind me of, when we are going back and forth.  I am trying to use this summer to reconnect and to make up – for lost time, and for the times where I was too much of a teenager, too immature to realize the good gig I had simply being her older sister.

I cannot begin the describe all the ways she has brightened my life.  I feel like she has been one of the biggest blessings in my life, and I am so proud to call myself her big sister.  I’m also enjoying watching a bond develop and blossom between my small children, and their older auntie.

So, Happy Birthday, Auntie M!!  You are an amazing young woman, and I am so excited to see all the adventures you have in store as you embark on your young adulthood!

3 thoughts on “A Birthday Post to A Special Young Lady

  1. She IS a special kid, in spite of being a teen! I miss her moments of fun and laughter. I miss her silly moods. And I am glad that you are getting to know her maturing self. She has grown up to be a really great kid, ready to take on the world. This is her first foray into the world of adulthood, and she is ready. It’s time for her to see something other than “home” and all that entails. Happy birthday, Morgan!

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