Avocado Pasta

I typically don’t write about food.  While I am a foodie, I don’t like to make blog posts about what I am eating, or what I am trying.  However, this is the exception to my usual posts.

My plan was to find a recipe that incorporated avocado, as my husband merely thinks of avocado and gags.  As I was going through recipes, in an effort to prove to him that avocado is delicious and doesn’t have a strong flavor, I stumbled upon this odd combination of ingredients.  While I had to make some tweaks tonight, and will make further tweaks in the future, this was a definite score in our household.

Some of the pureed avocado was set aside for Little Miss, since like her mama, she enjoys bites of avocado.
I forgot to snap a picture of the garlic added to this dish, before I added the fresh basil.  The recipe called for 2 cloves fresh garlic – in the future, I will stick with one clove; and, I now remember why I usually don’t cook with fresh garlic … 20 minutes out of my evening just peeling the two cloves.
The garlic smell will be keeping vampires away for probably a year.  That said, here’s the dish with the avocado, garlic, fresh basil, lemon juice, and EVOO all finely mixed.
My husband dislikes fresh tomatoes almost as much as he disdains avocado.  So, instead of adding the tomatoes post-dish, he agreed I should probably blend them so he could choke down the tomato.
Since I’d already chopped up the tomato, I figured why not chop up the corn, too?
Everything blended rather nicely, but don’t let this paste fool you – it is not for babies.  The paste is unique and flavorful, before being added to the noodles.
The recipe didn’t say whether or not this was supposed to be a hot dish.  So, I decided to chill the flavors with the noodles in the fridge while I made the Caribbean Jerk Chicken.  Having the chilled dish was perfect for this evening!


M’s dish was chilled noodles, sans paste, Caribbean Jerk Chicken, and corn.  I forgot to give him grapes with his meal, and also forgot my usual picture of his meal with ours.

If anyone decides to try this Avocado Pasta recipe, I would love to know your thoughts and your tweaks!

I’ll be honest – I loved this dish, even with the copious quantities of garlic added.  However, I suspect I will be the only one eating the extra paste on chicken or fish the rest of the week.

What are some ways you like to hide healthy foods and healthy fats into dishes, especially if you don’t like the taste or texture?

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