When Faith Takes Over

I have blogged a few times about Adoration.  I am a huge advocate for going and spending a little extra time with Jesus during the week, sometimes with children, other times by myself.  I’ve referenced how it seems to recharge my physical, emotional, and spiritual batteries, and how it gives me a venue to teach my children at a young age that Jesus loves them and wants to know them.

The concept of the Eucharist can be difficult for many Catholics and non-Catholics alike to grasp.  How is it that a mere wafer becomes the Body of Jesus?  Even Peter, the first pope, wasn’t completely sure how, but was willing to lend his faith and support behind Jesus’ teachings and words at the Last Supper.  The belief that the Host becomes the Body of Jesus is one that is integral to the Catholic faith.

If you have never been to Adoration, there are prayers usually sung at the beginning, when Jesus is brought out, and then prayers usually sung when He is placed back into the Tabernacle. The time between His coming and going, for lack of a better explanation, is usually when there is the most quiet and reverent period (or, the time for the worship band, if you are lucky enough to have the support for one during Adoration).

A phrase from the closing prayer, Tantum Ergo, has recently, and consistently caught my eye and has nestled into my heart.

Lo!  O’er ancient forms departing

Newer rites of grace prevail;

Faith for all defects supplying,

where the feeble senses fail…

I absolutely love the imagery these four seemingly-simple lines provide.  While these lines seem innocuous, they are like layers of an onion, packing a punch when you delve deeper.

At times, I have struggled to understand the concept of the Eucharist.  I have struggled to understand how Jesus’ Body and Blood are made available to us at every Mass, present in such a simple form as wafer and wine.  Sometimes, I have even wondered whether or not I should receive Him at the Eucharistic table, when I am full of questions about how this can occur.

And recently, I am comforted by the words, “Faith for all defects supplying, where the feeble senses fail.”

Much like the extent of God’s Mercy, my senses fail to comprehend how Jesus becomes present.

My faith, however, takes over when my senses have reached their limit!

I don’t know how Jesus becomes available to us through the big name of Transubstantiation.

But, I do know the why – because He loves and adores us!

And, I know where I can find Him – every day in the Blessed Sacrament, every time I attend Mass, and every time I meet with Him in Adoration!

Knowing I don’t have to fully rely on my senses, and can defer to faith at times, is a relief to me.

And, knowing Jesus just wants to spend some time with me is absolutely thrilling.

So, I will continue to spend quality time with Our Lord, and continue introducing this habit to my children.

Because, at the end of the day, Jesus loves us and wants to be near to us, and desires we draw closer to Him.

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