I’m Becoming One of “Those” Catholic Moms!

This past week we celebrated the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  It was also a day Cardinal Burke was asking for faithful Catholics to make reparations for a planned Black Mass by satanists, and a desecration of a Marian statue following.

Although it was a Feast Day, I chose to focus on the aspect of making reparations.  As I explained to my little sister, I was not wanting to make reparations for any wrongdoing on my part; instead, I wanted to do small acts throughout the day to let Mary and Her Divine Son know that I appreciate her, as a mother to us all.


Most people may not think salmon for dinner is a big deal.  But, let me tell you – when the cook absolutely disdains fish, any time it makes the menu for the entire family, it’s a big deal.  So, while I contemplated ways to sacrifice on Monday, I decided our family would have a meal that was less of a feast, and more in the spirit of “meatless Fridays.” I decided we would have fish for dinner.

As I was planning the menu for dinner, I also realized I needed to make the avocado pasta again – avocados needed to be eaten, and I was eager to try the paste with the correct quantity of garlic.

The menu was set:


Avocado Pasta

My husband came home from work to a pouting teenager sister; he couldn’t understand why she was balking about salmon – he loves salmon.  When he found out avocado pasta was the second dish being prepared, he joined my sister in sulking on the couch.

There was commentary from one of the two in the peanut gallery the entire time I prepared dinner.  I told my sister that eating something she didn’t like was a minor sacrifice.  She informed me she would like to sacrifice something – to the dogs.  My husband graciously offered to sacrifice his avocado pasta to the porcelain gods.

After much moaning and groaning, I looked at both of them, and exasperatedly responded, “You know what?!  Just offer it up!  Deal with it, and show Mary that someone appreciates her today!”  

I realized, to my horror amusement – I am becoming one of “those” Catholic moms!  You know – the kind that seizes the opportunity to remind their children to offer up their pain, sorrow, and suffering for the oldest soul in Purgatory.  The kind of Catholic mom who drags their family to church, or church-related events, and to their horror, makes them sit close to the front.  The kind of Catholic mom who invites the priest over for dinner (don’t knock it until you try it).

And, I don’t feel the least bit guilty! 

We all sacrificed at dinner on Monday.  My sister and I ate our salmon; my husband choked down his avocado pasta.

I extended an olive branch to each of them by giving them a smaller amount of their undesired food, and by including fruit I knew they would each like.

And, because they ate their dinner it was a Feast Day, they were rewarded treated to a milkshake after dinner.

All-in-all, not too shabby for this Catholic mom!

2 thoughts on “I’m Becoming One of “Those” Catholic Moms!

  1. I unabashedly admit to being a “Catholic” mom. Although I never did force fish on them, there were other alternatives-cheese, tuna, or peanut butter, for example. Since we don’t eat much meat anyway (just b/c), giving up meat for something other than meat never was an issue. We did fast more often, but I’m not sure the poor souls in purgatory appreciated the attitude that came with making my entire family hate me….and believe me, with teens I had attitude. Even the poor souls don’t deserve that much attitude! I can just hear them “Move on quick! Run! Run! Attitude incoming!” I think there was more focus at your meal on disgust and complaining instead of good intention offerings. How bout lesser portions, a good dessert, other options? Offering should be a choice, including not eating what was offered! Sorry Catholic moms….just my opinion.

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