Water Bottle Addiction

I was once given some sage advice from an elder.  When I was complaining about needing to find more ways to get water into me during the day, this person stated, “What you need to do is find a water bottle you absolutely love.  That way, you will want to use it during the day.  You will want to empty it, and refill it.”  It didn’t take me long to find a water bottle I loved, and that bottle and I became inseparable for years.

Then, something happened to it, and I was on the hunt for another water bottle.  Much to my chagrin, I haven’t been able to find another water bottle I absolutely love.

As years passed from the initial water bottle I loved, I slowly continued my search for “the one.”  That has, quite honestly, led to a water bottle addiction.  I think I love one, I buy it, only to be let down by it at some point within the first week.  So, I try again with the next one I see.  Before I moved, I had quite the extensive collection – I think I threw away 17 23 water bottles, and only moved with a small handful.

A couple months back, I stumbled upon a package of 4 water bottles, each holding 20 ounces of water.  Since I was shooting for drinking 70-100 ounces of water a day, I justified the purchase of the package by telling myself I could fill each one up every night, put them in the fridge, and would have 80 ounces of cold water waiting for me throughout the day.

I then threw away all but one extra water bottle in preparation for our move – something which pained me, but was necessary.  The one I saved was saved specifically for Crystal Light and iced homemade mochas.

Since my last purchase of water bottles in the spring, I have actually stopped allowing myself to look at, or go near, water bottles in stores.

Two weeks ago, I was gifted a water bottle from an organization promoting breastfeeding because, well, nursing mamas gotta hydrate!  I was pleased as punch to bring it home, especially since it was one for which I didn’t pay.

My current water bottle collection. The bottle on the far right is used to refill the dogs’ water dish.  Aside from that one (with no lid), these are all in play during most days.

After receiving my most recent gift, I have started seeing water bottles everywhere.  I don’t use the 20 ounce bottles the way I initially intended; my son even took the blue one, announcing, “blue is my favorite color,” and promptly lost the bottle!

This past weekend, on family outings, I saw water bottles.  The museum held a water bottle, the aquarium had 32 ounce water bottles, and every store I entered seemed to have water bottle displays. Okay, the last one could simply be my imagination on overdrive.  But, since we moved to the Deep South, I currently hanker for far too much Coke.

So, I am on the hunt again.

For a new water bottle.

To stay hydrated throughout the day.

How do you make sure you get your recommended 64-100 ounces (or approximately half your body weight) of water a day?  Do you have a favorite water bottle?



**Edited to add, my husband proofread the post and I found him chuckling.  Apparently, the blue water bottle is not lost – he claims I forgot he took it with him to work.  It’s sitting on his desk.**

20 thoughts on “Water Bottle Addiction

  1. I do not use any water bottles:-) I just have the 500mls bottles that i drink directly from and keep refilling throughout the day

    1. That is great, too – it’s always good to reuse and recycle!! I go through periods where I refill used water bottles myself. And then, I discard them (read: recycle), and am on the hunt for more. Thank you for your comment!

    1. Haha! I have been known to do that, too. I go through phases where I buy the bottles, reuse them, and then, for whatever reason, only use up to a little bit in the bottom – I’m weird in that it takes a lot of power to drain bottled water bottles.

  2. Too funny! I DO have a favorite water bottle and then I left it in Montana, filled with tea and ready for the trip home. Damn! So now I have a new one….not so in love. I miss my water bottle! I want it back!

  3. I am still on the hunt for the perfect water bottle……and the hunt goes slowly. I never leave home without a water bottle. My sons used to laugh at me but I have noticed when I ride in their cars they, now, always have a water bottle for the trip.

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