31 Day Challenge Begins

I disappeared from blogging for most of the month of September, as our family became first-time homebuyers, then had to move off the military installation, and not having internet immediately available.

Toward the end of my hiatus, I saw reference to a blogging challenge called

Write 31 Days

A writing challenge: every October, every day

I figured this would help me re-establish my writing groove, and help recap for my wonderful readers what has been happening in my family’s life, how I continue to live my faith and share it with my family (and others), and how I continue to muddle along on the Path of No Instructions (a.k.a. parenthood).  But first, I know I gained a few new followers, even during my break from blogging.  So, I am kicking off the first day of writing this month with a brief introduction to myself, and to my blog.

Who Am I?

My name is Anni.  I am a child of God.  I am a stay-at-home Catholic mommy blogger, who is the proud mother of two human puppies (a preschool-aged son and an infant daughter), and two canines [both girls (or “its” if you ask my husband)].  My husband serves in the Army, and home is “wherever the Army sends us,” which most recently was Northern Virginia.  I am a social worker by education and trade, and have spent a significant amount of time counseling combat veterans and their families (specifically on readjustment post-combat, and adjustment from military to civilian life); I have also spent a few thousand hours of my life working with children and families, both as an early childhood behavioral specialist and interventionist, and also an intensive in-home family counselor.

Why Do I Blog?

Quite simply, I am writing because I have been told to “write.”  I have felt a calling in my heart to put words to paper, or type them on a computer screen, for quite a while.  It is my fervent desire my blog touches at least one other person in this great big world.  Therefore, I hope people like and follow this blog, and share its content with their own family and friends!

What’s With the Name?

A couple years ago, I blogged for my family under a different title.  However, as my feeling to reach a greater audience increased, I realized my title didn’t quite capture the essence of who I am, or what I wanted to share with the blogosphere.  I am a child of God, and that makes me beautiful.  I am also a mother, with two small children, who is not always able to stay caught up on running a perfectly clean household, and that makes me messy.  I am also a proud military spouse, which colors my view of the world a little camouflaged.  Finally, this is me, this is who I am, this is my life.  And, God loves and delights in this beautiful, camouflaged mess of a person.  Thus, the blog A Beautiful, Camouflaged Mess of A Life was born!

The face only a son could love!  My son, the budding photographer, actually caught this picture on my phone one of the days I let him play with the camera this past week.  I think it’s the most recent picture of yours truly, and perfectly captures the breath and life of this blog!

What Comes Next?

For the next 31 days, I am challenging myself to post a new blog post every. single. day.  It may not be wordy – but, I am challenging myself to post something – at least a paragraph (or two).  I will create a category, so if you want to follow this specific endeavor, you can just pull up that specific category on my webpage.  I promise, if I get lucky enough to post two articles in one day, I will only file one under the category of “31 Day Challenge.”  I will also update a direct link to each day at the bottom of this post, so instead of scrolling through the category, you can choose a day that catches your eye, after the post has been published.

I would be honored and thrilled if you cheered me on during this challenge by leaving me comments and thoughts on my posts, and sharing my blog and specific posts as they so inspire!

Welcome to my new readers and followers, and thank you for the continued support from those who have been with me from the beginning!

Day 2:  Structure

Day 3:  Mirror

Day 4:  (A 4 Letter Word)

Day 5:  Ninja

Day 6:  Music

Day 7:  Mom

Day 8:  Sleep

Day 9:  Fashion

Day 10:  Kitchen

Day 11:  Nutrition

Day 12:  Balance

Day 13:  Coffee

Day 14:  Water

Day 15:  Crockpot

Day 16:  Sickness

Day 17:  Memories

Day 18:  Hospitals

Day 19:  Prayer

Day 20:  Baptism

Day 21:  Compromise

Day 22:  Fulfillment

Day 23:  Laundry

Day 24: Multitasking

Day 25:  Hacks

Day 26: Why?!

Day 27: Selflessness

Day 28: Support

Day 29:  Legacy

Day 30: Introspection

Day 31:  Success

7 thoughts on “31 Day Challenge Begins

  1. I look forward to reading the posts that will be coming in October :).
    I think if most of us are honest are lives are messy…..humans have a way of splattering organization and plans all over the place…..and little humans are great at that.
    Enjoy the ride called life…..even the unexpected things…..they are usually great blogging material :).

    1. Thank you so much!!

      I agree that the unexpected things can give great material – but, I frequently have to double check with myself, and hope my children won’t be too embarrassed if I post a story about them.

      And, I agree with your statement about lives being messy. The first time I blogged about the title of my blog, I acknowledged that in God’s eyes, my mess has *got* to be a beautiful mess. So, it became a “beautiful mess,” to me, too! 😀

      Thank you so much for your thoughts!!

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