Four Letter Words (Day 4)

One Lent, I decided to give up cursing.  Every time I cursed, I would owe money in a jar – the first week, it was a nickel per curse word, the second week, a dime, the third week a quarter, etc.  My husband commented on the heftiness of our donation year.

Yesterday, I wrote about my children being my mirrors, reflecting my image, behavior, moods, etc. back to me.

Today’s word is:

(A 4 Letter Word)

This past Saturday, as we sat as a family at breakfast, my husband casually mentioned to me our son had used a specific four letter word in correct context on three separate occasions that morning.  The word of that morning was the “s” word.  My husband wasn’t sure whether or not to draw attention to the preschooler saying such a word, so at the time, he ignored the muttering.

I informed my husband that my son and I had a discussion earlier in the week about the, “d word,” and how it is hard to, “not be like Mommy sometimes, but kids should really not be saying damn it.  In fact, Mommy shouldn’t say it, either.”  On Saturday, my husband watched me explain to our four year old that the “s” word was also an off-limits word.

Yet, I admit, it’s difficult to get angry at my son for what is ultimately my failing.  I confess that I curse like a sailor, and now that my oldest little mirror has picked up the words, I am trying desperately to quit that bad habit.

When I think of four letter words and children, I am now starting to envision the words that I want my children to pick up.  Much like a dream board, in my head I am seeing those words on a bulletin board:

I want my children to LOVE.

I want my children to know how to be KIND.

I want my children to know what it is like to feel SAFE.

I want my children to see the GOOD in themselves, and in others.

I want my children to be FIRM but FAIR, to themselves and toward others.

I want my children to learn how to CARE for their bodies, minds, and souls.

I want my children to LEAD by example, and bestow compassion toward their peers .

As a mother, I am asked to emulate the four letter qualities I just described: being loving, kind, safe, good, firm, fair, caring, and leading by example.  I am asked to curb other four letter words.

While I am working on breaking the habit of negative four letter words, I will keep in mind that God put me here, and He entrusted me with my children, for. a. purpose.  He alone knows His plan for my life, and for the lives of my children, but I have faith He will help guide me in raising my children according to His word and His will.

img_3316Ultimately, God provides me with the perfect examples to emulate.

He provides Himself, as present in the Father and Son.

He provides me with the example of Mary, who gave her fiat (yes to God), when she was a young, unmarried girl.

And, God gave me the litany of saints, who were all flawed humans, many of whom struggled to overcome their vices in order to grow closer to Our Divine Creator.

Is there a vice you have struggled with as a parent?  How did you tackle that vice, in order to make parenting a more positive experience for both you and your children?

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  1. This is so funny! Just last week the hubby and I were sitting on the couch as D was getting juice behind us in the kitchen. He dropped some lids or something and he possibly muttered, “oh *#$@.” About thirty second later, my husband remarked, “Did D just say ‘blank’?” I looked up and was like, “Did he?” I don’t know what was worse, his using the phrase correctly or the fact that I didn’t think anything of it when I heard it o_O !!!!!!!!!

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