Small Word, Short Post (Day 8)

I am tired.  More accurately, I am exhausted.  Every fiber of my being wants to curl up under the covers and slumber peacefully, in the hopes that my muscle strength and energy return upon awaking.

The word for today is:


For years, when asked what my favorite hobby was, I would respond with one word, “Sleeping.”  This past week was pretty rough – my husband was gone for work, leaving me to parent single-handedly through a baby’s sleep regression!  It was brutal.  If asked today what my hobbies would be, they would be: showering without an audience, and sleeping.

Unfortunately, with my autoimmune disorder, when my body gets tired, it oftentimes will take twice as long as others’ to rejuvenate.  While working toward revival, my arms lose their strength (think achieving muscle failure when working out), my thoughts and words jumble, and I have difficulty concentrating.

I was once commended for being, “Always being so organized.”  Little did that person realize – it’s because I never know when this exhaustion will hit me to the point of impacting my memory and concentration.  So,  when I make a commitment outside of the home (like volunteering), I stay on top of organization.  That way, when life gets a little rough, it doesn’t negatively effect my obligations.

People who don’t know me can’t tell I am struggling; even those that do know me usually don’t understand how I am impacted by a lack of sleep.

This post was supposed to be witty and lighthearted – I have spent all day drafting and revising it.  Yet, the words aren’t there, and the thoughts aren’t clear.

Given my lack of restorative sleep this past week, and the fact the rest of this weekend will see no letup in our family’s schedule, I am making today’s post briefer than intended, and am going to sign off.

I am going to go sleep…

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