The Heart of My Home (Day 10)

Unlike most bloggers, I don’t usually create a schedule for my posts.  Yet, every week, I feel as though my blog posts hit a natural theme, where most posts fit into a weekly thematic category.  This week is no exception.

Today’s word of the day:


In my opinion, the kitchen is the heart of a home.  It’s the place where family and friends gather, usually as the mom of the home is making some meal, or preparing snacks, or many times, pouring something to drink (coffee, anyone?).  It’s also where the nourishing qualities of a home come out – both literally nourishing, and figuratively nourishing.

In Northern Virginia, I had a rather small kitchen.  Not small in the sense of being able to walk around, but rather, small in terms of counter space, and in terms of being able to sit with family or friends.

When we moved, and began looking to buy our first home, my one request was to have a good kitchen with adequate counter space.  I even informed my husband while we were in military housing that I could make the cramped quarters work, just given the size of counter space in my kitchen!  Granted, half of the counter space ended up filled with junk papers, making it useless when it came to cooking.

I fell in love with my kitchen in our home the moment I laid eyes on it!  There is more counter space than I ever dreamed I would own!

Sure enough, I am spending vast amounts of time in my new kitchen, experimenting with vegetables and cooking more than ever.  We, as a family, are spending more time in our kitchen and dining room than we have in years.

For the first time in several years, I am enjoying cooking and baking from scratch.  The last time I had even a close amount of this much counter space was our first year and a half of marriage, in which my husband was deployed for a solid chunk (and, I don’t cook when it’s just me).  Also, it is my goal to have this kitchen look this beautiful every night before I go to bed – so I have a smile on my face when I see it clean first thing in the morning!
I certainly feel a sense of calm and peace, and as though the heartbeat of our home is finally settling into a rhythm.

And, as the air turns a little cooler and the days get shorter, I am excited to fill the air of the home with the distinct aroma of fall!

Which room would you determine is the heart for your home?  I’d love to hear!

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      1. Ahh! Yes! It has always been my goal to make a “sitting room”/library that would become where we spend our time. Instead, that time usually becomes spent in the living room! Thank you for your comment!!

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