My Help to Create Memories, Connection, and Community (Day 13)

After the love of God, love for my husband, and love for my children, I am pretty sure I have a front-runner for the extra love I possess.  This love of mine energizes me, makes life problems seem trivial, and excites me.  It’s also highly addictive.

The word for today:


One of my all-time favorite pictures of preparing my coffee – I love all the product placement in one small picture!

Seriously – how can I live without coffee?!

Quite simply, I can’t.

As a mom, coffee makes my world go ’round!  It helps me wake up, it gives energy to my sleep deprived, weary bones muscles, and it allows me to face the world with a (slightly) more positive outlook.

Some moms drink wine – I drink coffee.  Or, as my husband likes to point out – I drink creamer, with a little bit of coffee.

I have gone through periods of time where I have ceased all coffee intake.  After the initial shock of no longer having it, I can do well abstaining from coffee-consumption.  Usually, I take a hiatus during pregnancy; however, doctor’s orders about 25 weeks in to my last pregnancy saw me reaching for a daily cup of coffee to ward off headaches.

But, here’s a secret: some days, the coffee isn’t even about the drink.


For me, coffee is about memories – my memories, and about creating memories with my children.

Coffee is about connection – with other adults and other people.

It’s about community – supporting local coffee shops has always been a pastime of mine, although the chain stores like Starbucks are currently winning by having drive-thru options, which are expedient and convenient.

I wrote yesterday about how this week was shaping up to be a “2 cups of coffee a day” kind of week.  And, I am not ashamed to admit it.  Coffee makes me a better mom and wife some days.

At some point, I am sure I will curb my coffee intake.

But, until then, I am pretty sure I will brew another cup of coffee, add my beautiful, sugar-laden creamer, and bask in the mini Mommy-moment, as I take the first blissful sip.

What is your “go-to” drink?

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13 thoughts on “My Help to Create Memories, Connection, and Community (Day 13)

  1. Sometimes l like coffee more than i like peoples. B’cos it always cares, no matter how time is running. For me, I start my day with brewing from my drip maker but at night, i love to drink wine with my love. I think these two things making my life little bit less stressful. As we know we all are trying to accomplish big, not realizing life is made up of little things.
    Nice share Anni 🙂

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