“5 Minute Friday” Prompt: Mail

This is the first time I’ve ever participated in “5 Minute Friday,” where you write about an assigned word/topic for 5 minutes, without editing and without thinking too hard.  It’s kind of like free-flow writing.  I’ll be linking up with the hostess of this concept, Kate Motaung here, but thanks to the author at Revolution of Love for the reminder!

The word for this week:


Everyone enjoys getting a little bit of personalized mail every now and then.  Not the mail that has a bill attached, not the flyers that circulate as part of the junk mail sent out.  No – real, true, personalized “his and hers,” mail.

When conceptualizing this topic, I began thinking of the last time I placed something in the mail to my closest friends and/or family.  I currently have a box that I am adding to, to send a family member.  Actually, I have two boxes, supposed to be sent to two separate people.  But, I don’t think I have sent anything in quite a while.

I also began thinking about Christmas, and the cards that used to be regularly mailed out.  Our family still sends Christmas cards, but I have noticed fewer and fewer participants in a tradition that is remnant of days gone by.

Has our social interaction with each other become about convenience – in the form of phone calls, texts, and social media?  Or, is it not too late to start up again with the personalized, thoughtful snail-mail?  Can we simplify our lives and our social calendars by spending a little bit of time sitting to write a thoughtful card?

What would that look like?  What would that take for us, as a society, to take a moment to send some mail to our loved ones – family and friends?



12 thoughts on ““5 Minute Friday” Prompt: Mail

  1. One of my goals in the next few weeks is to send at least one note a week to someone who is on my heart. I have those thoughts often but don’t make myself sit down. I let something else take precedence. I need to reset my priorities. I appreciate your writings and glad you participated in FMF. I haven’t been doing so long but it has been an awesome experience that has definitely helped my writing.

    1. Thank you for the comment!! This experience, for me, was a rush! I think I liked it – it’s kind of a whirlwind. 😂

      And, like you, I put handwritten letters on the back burner. But, perhaps I will get on sending a card or two this next week!

  2. I used to send over 150 Christmas cards every year. They went out on the day after Thanksgiving .. each one had a hand written note in them. After I married, we began writing a newsletter that was placed in the card and then card itself only had my hand written signature. It also got later into December before the cards went out. One thing I have noticed, is the sooner I send them out, the more cards I get. It seems those that do send out cards only send to those from whom they have received.
    Coming from FMF#64

    1. Wow! 150! And, I thought my 80 was a lot!

      I also have sent mine out early in the season – especially last year as we neared the end of my pregnancy. I do know a couple friends who will only send to those from whom they received. We send out a newsletter and picture, and we sign the newsletter.

      Thank you for your comment and suggestion to get those cards out earlier, rather than later!

  3. I have a wonderful letter writing relationship with a 94 year old woman from home. It IS nice to receive a hand written piece of mail when everyone else has gone e-communication.

      1. No, it wasn’t a hint. At least, not from me. I was acknowledging that it is neat you still send them, and that I would guess you receive them (provided she is reciprocating). No hint at all! 😁

  4. This week was my first 5-minute Friday too! One of my favorite Christmas traditions is sending our Christmas cards and newsletter! (Although my 60 seems small to the mentioned 80 and 150!) It’s not a chore, I really love it, even though we are seeing less and less in the mail. Maybe we can slowly change that. 😉

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