Coffee Isn’t Always the First Drink I Reach For… (Day 14)

Last night, I wrote about how coffee was a huge help to allow me to function as a mother.  After the Army moved us to the South this past summer, I began consuming copious quantities of Coca-Cola (Coke) – specifically the name brand.  When we moved a second time, I realized I needed to perhaps forgo Coke and coffee, and keep better tabs on what I’m going to write about today.

The word for today:


I don’t know if I am just a weirdo, but I can assure you – I can taste water.  Different water, through different filtering processes, renders me highly sensitive to water tastes.  My husband insists, “water is water is water.”

But, I can taste the difference.

Part of the reason I became a Coke fiend (again, Coca-Cola) this summer is because our home on the military installation had gross-tasting water.  Even my husband acknowledged there was, “a slight taste.”  No matter how I tried to disguise it, the taste to me was powerful!  So, I turned to another source to provide my cool, crisp, pick-me-up.

Fast forward to moving into this house.  The water here tastes wonderful!  I’m not going to say I’ve completely ceased drinking Coke, but I will say I find myself reaching for my water bottles (the ones I can find) before Coke.  Again.

Nutrition gurus and healthy lifestyle coaches tout the importance of drinking half your body weight in water a day.  I simply drink until I’ve had my fill.  Much like tasting water, I also can physically feel when I’ve had enough water.  As much as I know we get water naturally from certain foods, I also prefer to primarily get it from its liquid state (meaning, I prefer to drink my water, instead of relying on food to get it into my system).

I have found I usually don’t even get a full cup of coffee down my gullet before I have started on my first 20 ounces of water.  In fact, some mornings will see me drinking water hours before I grab my first cup of coffee!

Water has so many various uses – from hydrating to cleansing.  Each use for water is important, and I acknowledge I am abundantly blessed to live in a country where drinking water is a safe and viable option.

As much as coffee makes my world go ’round, I simply cannot live without water … literally and figuratively.  (You see the joke I made there?)

So, now that I am sluggishly awake from insomnia after my daughter’s most recent nursing session, I think I will walk away from my computer, and rid myself of my dry cotton mouth by indulging in some crisp, cold, yummy-tasting water…

In a water bottle…

Because all around, it’s healthy for the environment, and healthy for me…

Can anyone else taste water differences?

7 thoughts on “Coffee Isn’t Always the First Drink I Reach For… (Day 14)

  1. I grew up on well water. It was delicious. Nothing added. I can totally tell the difference. Unfortunately, here the tap water has some 12 times the “safe limit” of that “Erin Brokovich” carcinogen, so we have to drink and cook with bottled.

  2. yes, there is a difference in water. you might be a “super taster” who has more tastebuds on the surface of your tongue.

    also. coffee without water is no bueno. 🙂

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