It’s Not All About Me! (Day 22)

Recently, I have seen a lot of talk about various subjects which, to me, are all boiling down to one theme: “Me.”  I think it was my generation that first became known as the, “Me Generation,” and I am truly beginning to believe all the experts, watching my generation grow up, were correct.

The word for today:


A lot of what I am seeing are people in my generation, women and men alike, trying to figure out how to get their fulfillment out of life.  Some people are finding fulfillment through healthy means; others are seeking fulfillment in less healthy ways.

Yet, I have been spending today wondering – are my peers truly fulfilled?  Am I, as a wife, mother, and individual truly fulfilled?

As I spent the balance of the day pondering the latter question, I have decided that yes, I am fulfilled.  I have a beautiful family, healthy family, a home, and am blessed to be able to stay home and care for my children.

But, that insight begged the question – how am I fulfilled?!

I recently read an article, by Frank Powell, identifying ten reasons the church is losing millennials.  The more I read, the more I agreed with the author.  And, the more frustrated I became because it led me to think about how many of us in society just want what makes them feel good – for them.

I don’t go to church for me.  I go to church because Christ asked us to worship together!

I don’t receive Communion for me.  I receive Him, in His Body and Blood, because He asked us to remember Him and to receive it!

I don’t struggle to teach my children prayers for me.  I teach them their prayers because I have been tasked with the awe-some blessing of teaching my children about God!

I don’t get involved in the church for me.  I get involved because it helps build community – and becomes a refuge for sinners, a place to build saints!

I feel fulfilled because it is Christ and my relationship with Him that is fulfilling.  I am blessed to be fulfilled because my relationship with Him is my first priority.

Church is not about me – it is about God! 

Life is not all about me!  

It isn’t about any of us!  

Life is about God, and living for Him, proclaiming His love to all!

Yes, I get some perks out of attending church, and I do find fulfillment in those activities.

While I’m not entirely sure why, I will venture to guess it has to do with the bigger picture – the picture of everlasting life and of eternal salvation.

And, the coolest thing ever, is God is waiting for all of us to turn to Him for fulfillment.  He gave us free will to choose whether or not we would seek Him and know Him.

And, He is there – waiting for us with open arms!


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