A Key & Essential Skill for Mothers (Day 24)

I am a busy lady – not as busy as I could be, but I’m keeping myself out of trouble!  And, I am proud to say, although still working to perfect my priorities, I am doing better at staying busy  while keeping my family at the forefront of my obligations.

Today’s word is:


Moms know this word all too well.  Not awful long ago, I read an article that said men multitask better than women, and I would agree with that … at times – for example, when the mother of small children is sleep deprived.

This is my son’s first year in religious education.  Because he is officially enrolled, I felt it important to be willing to teach a class for the program which derives much of its teachers from a parent volunteer force.  I agreed to teach, and part of the agreement to teach the class was my being willing to be trained as a Catechist for the Archdiocese for the Military Services.

Last week, I began the first of five weeks of an online catechist course.

And, I will tell you – I am glad to be able to multitask!

The first day of class, I spent time working on the specific psalm, the required computer reading, and stopping a highlighter from being used on various surfaces!

If you recall, Little Miss was sick last week, so I spent a significant portion of time holding a sick baby, then keeping her hands from swatting, or grabbing, at various course material.  Aside from laundry, I was pleased I kept up with my chores around the house, in addition to “mommy-ing” and classwork.

The top picture was a view I saw numerous times throughout the week, especially as the little one’s energy returned.  The lower picture was one of my various attempts to distract Little Miss from her mother’s things!

This week, I am already a day behind in my coursework – well, a day behind where I want to be.  That said, I have faith I will get caught up within the next couple days.  And, as of tonight, most of the laundry is done for this week, so this week is already a win!

Furthermore, I am reminded just how important multitasking is as a wife and mother!

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