Life Lessons to Carry On (Day 29)

Today has been a whirlwind of activity.  Since October has flown by, I kind of put the pumpkin patch on the back burner.  Last Sunday, I realized this holiday season is my daughter’s round of firsts – first Halloween, first Thanksgiving, first Christmas, and first New Year.  It made me think of a word my mom requested for this daily writing challenge.

Some of today’s shenanigans included a pumpkin patch trip and a Halloween party (in which we dressed up as a Biker Family)

The word for today:


I thought about the firsts for my children, and how I sometimes feel as though I fight to get my children to participate in events that were integral to my childhood – pumpkin patches, Santa, banana splits, etc.  The more I think about creating the memories, the more I find myself pondering the legacy I want to leave my children.  How do I want my mark to look on the world at large?

I will leave my legacy through my children.  The mark I leave will be invisible to most, and yet, of great visibility to those under my care.

I think it is important that every parent ask themselves periodically during their parenting journey what they want their legacy to look like.  The answer may change, but my suspicion is the basic foundation will remain the same.

As a mother, I want my legacy to be one of:

  • Unconditional Love – I want to model and teach my children how to show love and be love to those they are around.  I think we’ve all experienced conditional love in our lives, at one point or another, and I want my children to have unconditional love radiate from them;
  • Acceptance – I want my children to embrace the concept of acceptance for those who aren’t like them.  Acceptance for those whose beliefs may be different, whose lifestyles may not be the same, or for those individuals that may have visible and invisible handicaps.
  • Accountability – I want my children to hold themselves accountable for their actions, their choices, and their decisions.  I want them to be strong enough to hold others accountable as needed.
  • Responsibility – segueing from accountability, I want my children to have responsibility, and to accept responsibility.  I want them to know the value of hard work, and work to achieve their goals and dreams, regardless of the obstacles.
  • Dedication – I want my children, and their children, and their children’s children to possess dedication for their faith and God, and to their country.
  • Commitment – I hope my children have the ability to set priorities for their obligations.  But, more importantly, I hope they honor their commitment to family first.

Ideally, a legacy is something that carries on from generation to generation.  These are some of my ideas on the legacy I want to leave for my children.

Regardless of whether or not you are a parent, I wonder – what do you want your legacy to be?!

5 thoughts on “Life Lessons to Carry On (Day 29)

  1. Someone I admire immensely asked me this summer what legacy meant to me. Without hesitation I answered that it is all the things I want my children to take away from the life I have lived for them. It is knowing that we aren’t perfect, but leaving the best that you have- the best of you, the best of your life, the best example, and the best love that will go forward generation after generation. It is not that I want them to be like me, the human, but to model and improve on the foundations I have set for them. As much as we wouldn’t buy the same house, we cannot be the same persons. The foundation allows them to build who they are and who they want to become. And that is more than a 31 day challenge! It is a lifetime to pass on.

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