Taking A Knee to Assess Goals (Day 30)

It is so difficult in today’s world to get caught up – in living hectic lives filled with kids’ sports, in living lives meant to create memories, in living lives that are more focused on material desires.  It is so hard to take a moment and realign our priorities at times, and sometimes we don’t want to make a seismic shift.

The word for today:


It is important to take a moment (or two or ten) to occasionally assess our lives.

In being introspective, we can take a moment to honestly assess, within ourselves, where our priorities lie.

Do we want to contribute to the constant motion of society – rarely taking a breath?  Do we want to focus on having what everyone around us has, at the peril of losing sight of the One who made us in His image?

Ultimately, introspection allows us an opportunity to reflect on our priorities.  It gives us time to ponder those all-important questions in front of someone who can, at times, be our greatest critic, but shouldn’t judge us – ourselves.

This is different than prayer – it is a time for us to think about ourselves in a uniquely selfish way, but also in a way through which the motives should be purely selfless.  For in being introspective, the aim is to be a better wife, husband, parent, child, colleague, etc.  There can be an element of prayer involved in introspection, but the latter is typically devoid of the conversation that prayer invokes.

So, how in this crazy world, running and gunning, can we find time for a little introspection?!  How do we find time for a little down time, where we reassess and realign our priorities?

Watching the sun set, alone on the front porch with coffee in my hand provides me with some beautiful introspection time.  Especially if it is long enough to finish the cup of coffee!
I admit – I cheat.  Moving every two years is to my benefit.  It gives me a natural time to take a knee and figure out the temperature of my life; to see where I’m headed and whether or not my steps align with the end goal.

 Some people take time for introspection in the morning, others by going out alone to sit down and think over a cup of coffee.  Introspection can take place in a book store, or in the comfort of your own home.

But the point is – as a mother, honest introspection is crucial!  Periods of introspection where you can assess your strengths and weaknesses, get your goals as a mother in line, set objectives to achieve those goals, and come up with strategies to reach those objectives are  imperative to being a healthy, well-rounded mother.

A picture of Little Miss, playing with my necklace, while I am simply striving to be the best mom I am called to be for my children.
Because mothering is tiring.  And, mothering to achieve the wrong goals is bone-wearying exhausting.


How often do you find time for a little introspection?

Where is your favorite place to introspect on your vocation of a parent?

3 thoughts on “Taking A Knee to Assess Goals (Day 30)

  1. Where? In the car on my trips to and from picking up or delivering kids….no radio, no CD….just quiet. If the trip is long enough, I can get in a few decades of the rosary. Bet you didn’t know that did you? Time for the word empathy….knowing someone really well. Is it possible? love you!

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