Sobering Thoughts for Halloween

Tonight is the eve of All Saints’ Day, which is a Holy Day of Obligation for Catholics.  That means, if you are Catholic, you will be attending a vigil Mass tonight, or a Mass sometime tomorrow.  If you don’t attend Mass, and don’t have a pretty darned good reason, then you may want to head to Confession, since missing Mass on Holy Days of Obligation (to include Sundays) is considered a mortal sin.  Don’t debate with me about the “rules,” take it to a priest!

Now you know.

The Eve of All Saints’ Day is also traditionally known as “All Hallows Eve,” or Halloween.  Religious affiliation aside, it’s a time for children to dress up in costumes and head out to neighbors’ homes for a little “trick or treat” action.  I know my son, who was Marshall the Fire Pup last year, is looking forward to trick or treating this year!

We still haven’t decided fully on what our daughter will be for her first Halloween.

This year, I feel compelled to write about something less pleasant on Halloween.  It’s a grim reminder to everyone to keep the door to evil shut.

If you believe in God, you must also believe in Lucifer (a.k.a. the devil).  The two are engaged in an epic battle for our souls, and have been since the fall of the angel Lucifer.

God wants us because God is Love.  He loves us, and He wants us to live with Him and praise Him for all eternity.  Lucifer wants us, too.  Because he hates God.

In the past month or so, I have seen various articles about a demon targeting families.  It is slipping in, under orders from the devil, trying to tear families to shreds, leading souls to hell.  I don’t do much research on demons because, honestly, it scares me.  I don’t like opening the door to evil – so, I try to avoid seemingly “innocent” ways demons like to attack – through occult games (ouija board is a favorite way for demons to become attached to, or possess a person), a simple invocation, seances, pornography, to name a few avenues.

Sister Lucia, one of the visionaries of Our Lady of Fatima, reported, “The final confrontation between the Lord and satan will be over family and marriage.”

This nation is like a big family.  Heading into this election season, we are an unhappy, bitter, angry family.  Exorcists are already discussing the demon who is targeting families, and I am in firm belief we have throngs of demons targeting our great nation.  We have become divided about policies such as marriage and family, and also divided in our basic ability to support and love one another.

So, on today’s celebration of a tradition, I urge you to consider the ways in which you can welcome Christ – into your home, into your heart, and into your life.  In the words of Pope Francis, we should all hopefully be able to say:

Taken from a Google search for “God is stronger Pope Francis quote”
If we can recognize the cunning wiles of the devil, and embrace Christ, His teachings, head to our nearest Church, seek forgiveness, and accept His love and mercy, we will be able to say with confidence God is stronger!

Because, ultimately, we already know – God is going to win.

I know I want to be on the winning team!

And, now I’m ready to head on out and enjoy my son collecting some treats as he participates in this year’s Halloween festivities!

Everyone stay safe, enjoy, and have a blessed Halloween!


6 thoughts on “Sobering Thoughts for Halloween

  1. This was a great reminder that we have to keep strong in our faith and not deny the truth. Many people try to deny the existence of satan but if God exists the devil has to exist as well. It’s the great battle between good and evil.
    Also, on a side note. The days of obligation vary in different countries. I was reading that the USA has eight and Canada only has two. This doesn’t take away the importance of it as we should strive to attend Holy mass as often as possible even when it’s not a day of obligation. Peace yo!

    1. I agree that we should strive to attend daily Mass, even when it is not obligated! Oddly enough, each diocese also has different Holy Days of Obligation – so, the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA may not have ones that the United States Council of Catholic Bishops designate, based on whatever their rubrics are for deciding. That said, I know AMS tries hard to follow the USCCB. And, good to know Canada is also entirely different! Nothing like a little confusion here and there! ūüėā

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