Unique, Individual, Beautiful… (Day 31)

This past month has been a whirlwind of posting for me.  The 31 Day Writing Challenge is no joke!  But, it’s been a fun challenge, and I hope to participate again next year, maybe with a little advanced planning.  I also want to extend a heartfelt thank you to those who cheered me on, encouraged my continued writing, gave me word ideas, and shared my writing!

The last word for the 2016 writing challenge is:


Success is such a subjective term – we all define success a little differently.  I determine this challenge as a success, blogging daily for 31 days in a row, with a different word tied into the theme of motherhood for every day.  Others may determine success for this challenge to be entirely different, and the point is, there is no wrong!

The beauty of motherhood is that it is a journey.  We have peaks and we have valleys, and while our struggles may mirror others, they are also uniquely our own.

The beauty of motherhood is not in how “successful” we are by society’s standards.  If we gauged our success on those standards, I would think most of us would fail miserably.

Instead, as mothers, we should measure our success based off our family alone!

We are gifted with blessings of little beings, of whom we are charged with guiding and rearing to adulthood.  Along the way, our families and our hearts grow.  We learn from each other in our families.  We teach each other – sometimes about life, and sometimes about ourselves as individuals.  These blessings aren’t ones that we, as mothers, should overlook, nor should we take the responsibility lightly.

My success will look different from yours.  My standards to achieve success will look different from yours.

Yet, with help – from each other, and our God – we will be successful.

The success we achieve as mothers will be beautiful!  





For, just as we are all human, subject to err, we are also made in the image and likeness of God, who is Love.

So, if you have loved a child in your life (regardless of whether or not you are their mother) with all your heart, then you, dear reader, are a success!

And, I am pretty confident, that makes my husband and me a success, too!

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